May 27, 2022
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What clock shape to choose?

What clock shape to choose?square wrist watchround wrist watch

Modern watches are produced in:

  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • square shape.

Models of atypical configuration are possible, which are made to order. You can buy watches in Kyiv in the popular Best Time store at an affordable price.

The history of development

At first, all watch mechanisms were made round. For the first time, square models arose from Cartier at the beginning of the 20th century. Since before this century there were no wristwatches for men at all, this discovery was a new look at the typical accessory. The rectangle model indicated the difference between older handheld devices and updated devices. Already in the 20s of the twentieth century, the shape of a square gained high popularity, primarily among famous personalities.

During World War II, round dials became more popular because they were easily produced in large quantities. After the 60s, square accessories came to the fore.

Today, most products have a round dial shape, since it is universal. Such models combine rigor and elegance.

Square body variants are less common now. They tend to have vintage or sporty styling. Produced with a quartz movement and a digital screen, they are most in demand among athletes and fans of a healthy lifestyle.

A significant advantage of models with a rectangular case is their elegant design. A thin strap can be combined with a reduced dial size.

Which form is preferred?

Smart devices with a square shape are comfortable to wear. On a round display, text is more difficult to perceive, so the most optimal models are in the shape of a circle or rectangle. Round appliances are preferred by users who want to stand out from others.

For sports training or daily wear, you should choose square accessories. If synchronization with a smartphone and the presence of a pedometer are important, you can buy both round and square devices.

Give preference to those accessories that suit you and you like. But there are some opinions in the field of psychology, which, by the shape of the dial, allow us to determine the nature of the user.

Models in the form of a circle or oval often choose easy-to-communicate personalities. Square or rectangular models are more suitable for people with a calm or strict character, conservatives and fans of home relaxation.

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