Nov 9, 2022
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What cars should not be bought, said the expert


The specialist spoke about the pros and cons of foreign cars.

This spring and summer, most of the world’s car manufacturers left the Russian market. However, you can still purchase models of European and American brands. But it is not necessary, says automotive expert Yegor Vasiliev.

According to the expert, the main problem of owning cars of German, Czech, American brands is not the complexity of the purchase, but the maintenance costs. The cost of spare parts has skyrocketed. Sometimes, says Vasiliev, we are talking about a threefold rise in price. Therefore, it makes sense to consider purchasing cars from Chinese, Korean and domestic brands.

Is it worth it to overpay for owning the same “European” if its Chinese counterpart is both more advanced in terms of modern technologies and cheaper to maintain. Moreover, it will be carried out without the use of various gray schemes.“, Vasiliev said.

The specialist is sure that Chinese brands are already brutally pushing our Ladas and UAZs. Manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom are capable of leadership not only in the mass, but also in the premium segments. This is most likely a question for the near future. True, everything can change as soon as Western manufacturers decide to return again.

When the car brands that left our market return, no one will prevent the consumer from turning their attention back to them. In the meantime, it is better to choose a car based on the possibility of minimizing the cost of its operation.“, – the Prime agency quotes the opinion of the expert.

Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that they plan to expand the program of preferential car loans. New models of domestic production will be available to a larger number of Russian citizens. And this, in turn, will stimulate the domestic auto industry.

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