Nov 5, 2021
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What can you do for maternity leave

What can you do for maternity leave

Usually, maternity leave is perceived as a fragment of life, when you need to completely forget about yourself, your hobbies and desires and devote yourself to the birth and education of a new little man. But if you think about it, then on maternity leave you can have time to do a lot of useful things.

For example, getting an education – perhaps already the second, or mastering a new profession, or creating your own company, or discovering a new talent in yourself.

All this will give the new mother confidence in herself, as well as arouse respect from relatives and friends, and after the vacation you can achieve much more, showing by your own example that motherhood is not the end of a career.

Higher education

Maternity leave can be a good time to study. It doesn’t matter if this is the first higher education in your life, or you managed to understand that the profession you have received is not very pleasant to you, or maybe you did not graduate from higher education due to an unplanned (or planned) pregnancy.

Either way, you can take up your education. Only, of course, given the circumstances in which you are going to study, you should pay attention to the possibility of distance education, since public transport and frequent driving are useless for you now.

And with distance learning, you will be in the most comfortable conditions and at the same time receive a full-fledged education. In addition, in some universities, education systems have even been developed in the very conditions in which you are going to receive it, that is, the program is specifically for mothers.

Only one thing is important here: do not be nervous or tense too much during training – you are in the wrong position.

Personal business

Previously, a woman often had to make a difficult choice between the joys of motherhood and a successful career. Now – largely thanks to the development of the Internet – things are a little better.

If desired, almost any woman on maternity leave can open her own business, and even without the initial capital.

Thus, you can provide yourself financially, without wasting time, and at the same time devote maximum time to your child.

Digging around on the internet, you can find many good examples of how you can grow your own business from scratch.

The main thing is to understand what exactly you want to do, what will bring you the greatest satisfaction and a decent income. It is worth taking into account what you have been doing before and what you already know and know, it will be easier to make a decision.

On the Internet, you can open a store and sell what you know how to do – for example, designer dolls or embroidered paintings. There are also opportunities not related to computers and the Internet to earn money: you can watch your friends’ kids, hold children’s birthday parties.

Creativity and handicraft

In ordinary life, we, as a rule, have no time to do what we love and devote at least a couple of hours a day to our hobby. We are in a hurry, we work, and in the evening we collapse from fatigue. Maternity leave will finally give you the opportunity to get creative.

You can learn a lot about yourself and your abilities. There are plenty of worthy role models in this sense. Most famous today is the writer John Rowling, who wrote her famous Harry Potter books while sitting with a small child. However, you don’t have to come up with fairy tales or novels.

You can do embroidery, knitting, weaving, or sewing. All of these are soothing, enjoyable activities that will be useful for both expectant mothers and their children. Now there are a lot of hobby options that you can keep yourself busy with.

In addition to the fact that all these are very interesting activities, they can also bring material benefits: there are special sites on the Internet where craftsmen and craftswomen offer their products for money.

Car driving

While on maternity leave, you may well be preparing for your driving school exams. Special Internet resources allow you to prepare for the theoretical part of the tests without leaving your home and spending no more than an hour daily on classes.

After this preparation, you may want to set aside time for driving with a driving instructor. After all this, you will only have to pass on the license – a new crust will be an excellent evidence that the time was spent with the greatest benefit.

For the benefit of society

And perhaps during such a pleasant period of life as maternity leave, you will want to take care of those around you – to try to help with something. To do this, it is not at all necessary to give huge amounts of money to funds, because helping is not only bank accounts.

Perhaps you have nice toys and clothes that you yourself no longer use? Maybe you have a bike on your balcony that you don’t ride? Or skis? Such things will always come in handy in orphanages.

In general, it is worth understanding that maternity leave is not a reason to forget about yourself, your desires and talents.

Caring for a baby is undoubtedly extremely important, but this noble occupation can be combined with others, the main thing is to understand what you want from life and to allocate time correctly.

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