May 1, 2022
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What can not be done to a confident woman who is a little over 45?

What can not be done to a confident woman who is a little over 45?

It is impossible not to agree with the statement that a woman is always young, at any age. A woman does not age, and this is a fact – how many songs and various films, poems, sayings exist about the eternal and unfading female youth. But for this you need to work a little! To get started, read this article and find out what you absolutely cannot do.

What can not be done by a mature, self-sufficient and self-confident woman who is a little over 45?

1. Save on yourself

We understand that you have a husband, children, a dog and a house, and most of the salary goes to the family. You have to save, and first of all on yourself. Of course, relatives and friends are your everything, and for them you do not feel sorry for any money. But! Dear ladies, you can’t live only for the sake of others, sometimes you need to please yourself. Every month, give yourself one little gift: cool shoes, a blouse, a skirt, or a trip to a beauty salon. We are sure that your relatives also want to see their mother, wife, sister beautiful, stylish and happy.

2. Get short haircuts

The main trouble of Russian women! Who said that a short haircut is young? Okay, maybe she is young for someone, but for someone, on the contrary, it hurts. Now is the time to experiment with hairstyles: try a bob, then grow your hair longer, dye your hair red or do American highlights. Hair is the main decoration of a woman at absolutely any age, why cut it right away?

In addition, do not forget about hair treatments: use thermal protection and leave-in treatments, make nourishing masks and go to the hairdresser regularly. With proper care, hair will be your calling card for at least another 20 years.

3. Choose “old lady” things

Some women suddenly decide: “That’s it, youth is over, stop wearing tight jeans and beautiful tops, it’s time to buy a shapeless gray coat (no, not a fashionable oversize coat), a dark floor-length skirt and a synthetic blouse with some unrealistically strange floral print. Now fashion is not for us, but only for young girls.”

We sincerely hope that you do not have such thoughts, but if suddenly you are drawn to buy an absolutely awkward and clearly “retired” thing, immediately tell yourself: “Stop!” Remember how they say about a woman who turned 45 years old?

4. Choose clothes that are too youthful

There is also a reverse situation: start dressing as if you recently turned twenty-something. T-shirts with silly slogans, miniskirts, short sundresses, tank tops, leggings – these things will never make you look younger. On the contrary, they will highlight the discrepancy between your age and style.

Teenage clothes are a thing of the past: this needs to be recognized and accepted. Believe me, you will look a hundred times better if you switch to more restrained (and this does not mean “boring”) and elegant outfits. You can follow all fashion (or almost all) trends and still be a luxurious mature woman.

5. Don’t follow trends

By the way, about trends. Another common mistake women make after 45 is not to follow fashion at all. It is clear that you practically don’t have time to read fashion portals and magazines (although you are reading this post?), but despite this, try to at least occasionally scroll through the gloss or go to sites about fashion and style.

In addition, most trends have no “age restrictions”. For example, is a denim skirt fashionable this season suitable for any woman? Yes, only in your case it is better to choose a length to the knee or slightly lower. What about a long vest? Of course, it can and should be worn at 15 and 80. Shoes with fringe? Why not. Of course, you don’t have to experiment with crop tops and thick-soled slip-ons, but let’s reiterate: fashion is available to everyone.

6. Hide flaws, but do not emphasize dignity

Forget about shapeless and baggy clothes. If you think: “I’ll put on a hoodie – and no one will notice my stomach or large hips,” then you are greatly mistaken. Shapeless clothes make you look like a bun or a large rectangle. You should be able not only to hide the flaws of the figure, but also to emphasize the merits.

Hide your hips under puffy midi skirts, highlight your waist with a thick or thin belt, wear fitted jackets and blouses with V-necks. Create beautiful silhouettes and showcase seductive forms. When you stop wearing “bags”, others will definitely notice how attractive and charming you are.

7. Don’t wear heels

If 5 years ago you ran on 10-centimeter stilettos from home to work, from work to kindergarten, from kindergarten to the supermarket, from the supermarket home, and now you decided that heels are uncomfortable, impractical and generally sneakers a hundred times better, it’s bad.

Agree, walking in heels every day is useless: fortunately, there are cool loafers, brogues, ballerinas, flat boots, but still, you should have a few cool pairs of heels in your wardrobe. And it is desirable to wear them not only on major holidays. Choose shoes with genuine leather heels and wear them at least once a week (or better, more often).

8. Buy cheap underwear

It seems to us that any mature woman can afford 3-5 sets of good underwear. Yes, let them be not 10, not 20, but much less, but ideal. The right underwear models and tightens the figure. And if you do not have free funds for a Victoria’s Secret bra, look into the stores of more democratic, but no less quality brands.

9. Don’t learn age makeup techniques

Unfortunately, after the age of 40, our skin changes: wrinkles, age spots appear, it becomes too dry or too oily. It’s great if you regularly visit a beautician and fight the signs of aging with modern methods, for example, take courses in mesotherapy or photorejuvenation. But the procedures are not able to instantly turn you into a 20-year-old beauty, which means that you need to mask age-related changes with the help of decorative cosmetics.

Consult a professional makeup artist: he will tell you what makeup to use at your age, how to apply it, what to add to your makeup bag, and what to remove forever. Learn how to do the right makeup – you will look 10 years younger.

10. Run your body

Imagine a typical case: a woman gave birth to three children, stopped taking care of her body and there was no trace of a slender figure. Now sport for her is only on TV. Guard! If you recognize yourself in this description, then it’s time to think.

We are not encouraging you to go on a strict diet, drink only water and sign up for CrossFit classes. But running your body, completely forgetting about sports is a crime against yourself. Fitness is movement, health, good mood. Find what you like: pool, water aerobics, Nordic walking, yoga, zumba – whatever! Only two workouts a week – and lazy girlfriends will envy your toned figure, and such energy will appear in your body that you can move mountains.

11. Forget about health

In continuation of the previous paragraph. To be beautiful and healthy, a woman needs not only to play sports, but also to visit a doctor on time. Work, children, saving on yourself – you put off going to the hospital until the last, and hidden diseases that you do not treat will age you faster than malnutrition and lack of exercise.

Take tests, visit a therapist, dentist, gynecologist at least once a year and remember once and for all: a beautiful woman is a healthy woman.

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