May 11, 2022
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What can a wedding bouquet say?

What can a wedding bouquet say?

A wedding is a wonderful and unforgettable event that simply cannot do without flowers. Bouquets that are presented to the newlyweds by relatives and friends come in different sizes and shades, and also consist of different colors. But the most important flower at a wedding is, without a doubt, a rose.

Rose is a wonderful flower, which is a symbol of love and tenderness, sophistication and sensitivity of relationships. Compositions that competent florists will help to make from roses can serve as a wonderful and beautiful gift for the bride and a wonderful decoration for a wedding. Among the bouquets of roses that are given to newlyweds as a gift or present, the best bouquet will be a composition in the form of one hundred and one roses.

The splendor of the composition will dissolve the scent of roses in the air, which will allow you to go to the land of unforgettable dreams and romantic dates. The original combination of color and aroma of a bouquet of roses easily allows each of us to immerse ourselves in the world of memories and happiness and fully enjoy it. In order for a colorful bouquet in the form of 101 roses to be not just a beautiful bouquet, you need to know the meaning of the color of roses.

Red roses are one of the main symbols of love. Red roses speak of sincere and genuine, mature passion. These flowers mean love that has passed through the prism of years and has not lost its beauty. They are flowers of desire and worship. They show the depth of feelings experienced by the giver, express the deepest love, show the impossibility and pain of parting with their soulmate.

White roses are indicators of virginity and purity. When white roses are given, the one who presents the bouquet wants to tell you – “You are perfect and virgin, you are original and unique, you are beautiful.” Very often, roses are given to beloved girls, paying tribute to mutual, and, most importantly, pure love, which is not overshadowed by any scandals, misunderstandings, squabbles and other negative influences. The white rose is the personification of bright love for life.

Roses of pink color are the basis of sophistication, originality and elegance, as well as tenderness. Pink color gives us a different range of shades and feelings that are used to compose messages of various nature. The pink hue reflects feelings of sympathy, nobility, love, kindness and often means an invitation to start a relationship.

Yellow roses suggest care and admiration. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and respect for the object of passion. The opinion that yellow flowers lead to separation is fundamentally wrong. Yellow roses lead to the harmonization of relationships.

Orange roses express the most ardent and sincere wishes, passionate feelings and enthusiasm, spirituality and pride in their other half.

Burgundy roses denote a genuine feeling of first love, as well as violent sensuality, passion, admiration. By the way, it is the burgundy color of rose buds that is the traditional and best present on Valentine’s Day.

Peach roses are a manifestation of modesty. With the help of a chic bouquet of peach roses, a feeling of respect, appreciation and happiness is expressed.

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Thus, no matter what color the bouquet is, it is necessary that the process of giving a bouquet is accompanied by the sincerity of the giver, his pure thoughts towards the newlyweds. If we present this or that bouquet, we will show them our attitude towards young spouses with the color of the bouquet.
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