May 20, 2020
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What awaits Ukraine after the coronacrisis: the expert gave a disappointing forecast

The stagnation period in Ukraine will be delayed by 10 years / Reuters

Oleg Soskin, economist and political scientist, director of the Society Transformation Institute, gave a very disappointing forecast as to what will happen to the Ukrainian economy due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to him, in the coming years, “everything bad that only exists, and in the most severe pathological forms. "

According to Soskin’s forecast, the world is waiting for the second wave of the COVID pandemic - 19.

"By November, the crown Russia will again come to Ukraine, only tougher, hungry and angry. Accordingly, the situation in Ukraine will become even worse. Today, the fall of the Ukrainian economy is large and the situation will worsen, because the IMF will not give our country the amount of money that it expects Maybe the European Union will give a loan for 10 years, maybe the European Bank and the World Bank will give something. But that’s all, there’s nowhere to get more money from. But only this year Ukraine should pay about billion dollars of debts, "the expert said in a comment to Glavred.

Shocks await Ukraine, even hunger riots can begin, the economist believes.

"People will not tolerate for a long time. All stocks in Ukraine are almost eaten up. If one of the Ukrainians had some kind of "fat", i.e. accumulation, then they are already ending. May people still hold out, but then - that’s all, ”said Soskin.

At the same time, in his opinion, the period of stagnation in Ukraine will be delayed by years) For rich countries, the economic recovery phase will begin in 2020 year, and for people like Ukraine - not before 2032 of the year.

"In general, we are at the very beginning of the big end. The IMF simply does not want to scare anyone, but understands that it is really coming: the second wave of a pandemic, new viruses that can be much worse ... Trump has not in vain announced that he intends to "close" America. He is far-sighted and wiser than everyone else, "the expert summed up.

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As reported by Glavred, a Swedish economist, senior researcher Atlantic Council Anders Aslund believes that the global financial crisis that triggered the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid - 19 will affect Ukraine much less than other countries.

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