Apr 3, 2021
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What are they hiding from the people? Vladimir Zhdanov

Vladimir Zhdanov – candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, winner of the gold medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences “For the contribution to strengthening the health of nations”

– In 2014 we celebrated an outstanding date in the history of Russia – exactly one hundred years ago the so-called “dry law” was introduced. On the eve of the First World War, during the period of mobilization, the tsar gave the right to local governments to close the alcohol trade. To the credit of our people, I must say that without any delay, all shops were closed and all warehouses were sealed. But three months later, when mobilization into the army was successful, alcohol dealers demanded to open stores. And the people in no way: they demanded that the “dry law” be extended for the duration of the war! And then the letters were sent to extend the “dry law” for eternal times.

By the way, the results of the “dry law” were very carefully hidden from the people. I will honestly tell you that until 1983, when I read the report of Academician Uglov, I didn’t even know that there was a “dry law” in our country. Moreover, in 1984 I spoke at a large party and economic activist of the Pervomaisky district, where more than 600 people were present – heads of enterprises, secretaries of party organizations, trade union and Komsomol leaders. I asked them: “Dear comrades, have any of you ever heard that there was a” dry law “in Russia for 11 years?” Not a single hand! Complete bewilderment in the hall. Everyone knows about the American “dry law”. And about our Russian – no one. This is how the question had to be buried deeply.

Moreover, later all kinds of attempts were made to slander and bury even the memory of “dry law” in Russia. Although in 1917, when the Bolsheviks came to power, they had the first decree – the decree on peace, the second – the decree on land. And what was the third legislative decree of the new government? Even historians do not know this. It turns out that the third decree was about “dry law”. That is, the third order of the military revolutionary committee was to extend the tsarist “dry law”, to close any access to alcohol for people.

It must be said that in 1919 the second congress of the RCP (b) was held, at which the party program was discussed. And what is interesting – the Bolsheviks there gave an absolutely accurate assessment of alcoholism. They said the party aims to eradicate “social diseases” – alcoholism, sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis. That is, they absolutely understood that alcoholism is a social disease, not a medical one. And society must fight it.

In 1919, the formation of the rule of law began. They began to apply the laws. And on December 19, 1919, Lenin signed a decree – we call it the “law of sobriety”, according to which for the illegal production of alcohol and the sale of it provided for up to 5 years in prison, and for drunkenness in public places – 1 year of correctional labor and a deduction from salaries. Thus, Lenin signed the “dry law”, which was canceled only a year and a half after Lenin’s death. The decree on the resumption of the wine and vodka monopoly on October 5, 1925 was signed by the enemy of the people, the first People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR Alexei Rykov. And vodka among the people until the war was called “rykovka”.

But the Bolshevik “dry law” managed to bring the greatest benefit to Russia, despite the fact that all the enemies who insisted on its abolition, naturally, tried to slander it in every possible way, to prove that it did not give anything good. And until now, the alcoholic mafia, which is getting our people drunk, creates myths that it introduces into the public consciousness quite successfully. Moreover, the more alcoholized the society, the more willingly it believes in these false myths.

I often ask my colleagues: do we have a dry law against murder? There is. Are they being killed? They kill. Let’s abolish the dry law against murder. Will they kill less or more? Well, of course more. I think they will kill ten times more.

Is there a law against rape? There is. Let’s cancel! Will it be less or more? More, of course. That is, any law is a powerful deterrent. When something is prohibited, the majority of people are quite calm about these restrictions.

A little more about moonshine. All agree that moonshine is more harmful than vodka. But when the anti-alcohol decree of 1985-1988 was lashed out, the democrats shouted everywhere that with moonshine they blocked the vodka sold by the state by 2 times. That is, in their opinion, people began to drive more moonshine than the state produced vodka, therefore, they say, it is necessary to reopen state trade. But if moonshine has become 2 times more than vodka, why then has the crime rate decreased by 47%? Why has life expectancy increased? Why is there less alcoholic psychosis? How did it happen if moonshine is more harmful than vodka? These are all inventions of the alcoholic mafia, which the drinking people bite at.

A drinker looks for any excuse for his vice and clings to any lie that seems to be true. In fact, upon closer inspection, this is a lie. The sooner we restore “dry law” in the country, the sooner society will breathe a sigh of relief. We need to quickly deal with the alcoholic mafia, uproot it from our lives, especially since we have such a wonderful historical experience – the experience of the “dry law” of Russia in 1914-1925.

Vladimir Zhdanov


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