Aug 20, 2020
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What are psychodysleptics?

In the pharmaceutical world, there are many different drugs that meet various therapeutic objectives. Some are considered very common, while few have heard of others. The latter include drugs from the group of psychodysleptics (mostly prohibited in the Russian Federation). What it is?

Hallucinogens are hidden under the concept of "psychodysleptics" (mostly banned on the territory of the Russian Federation). Drugs of this group are capable of causing mental disorders and lead to a serious change in consciousness.

Conditional groups

Psychodysleptics are banned in most parts of the world, including Russia. They are both vegetable and synthetic. Experts identify several types of such drugs:

  • Narcotic substances;
  • Herbal remedies - hemp, belladonna;
  • Some mushrooms with hallucinogenic effects;

Also, psychodysleptic effect can have some medications that are classified as accountable, offered by doctors on strict indications and on prescription.

It should be understood that such drugs and drugs cause serious health consequences. Therefore, they cannot be found in the public domain, and all attempts to disseminate are prosecuted by law with the appointment of rather serious criminal sentences.

There are contraindications. Be sure to consult your doctor

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