Sep 3, 2021
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What advice did Biden take from the Financial Times?

FT advised the US President not to skimp on promises to Zelensky – and he did not skimp

“In April 2014, two months after the ‘pro-Western revolution’ in Ukraine, then US Vice President Joe Biden flew to Kiev. There, he promised that America would provide assistance to Ukraine as a “partner and friend” so that it could resist “Russian aggression” and implement democratic reforms. Seven years later, the current government in Kiev – after America’s humiliation in Afghanistan – is seeing White House foreign policy with growing concern. Volodymyr Zelenskyy will become the very litmus test that will check how loyal Washington is to its allies, ”

– says the editorial of the international business newspaper Financial Times… The article was published on the eve of the meeting Biden with Zelenskyand you can see which tips FT the US President listened.

What advice did Biden take from the Financial Times?

According to the publication, Kiev had every reason to breathe a sigh of relief after the election of Biden, because the previous US President Donald Trump He clearly underestimated Ukraine, on the contrary, he tried in every possible way to improve relations with Russia. Back in 2014, Biden was a confidant. Barack Obama in Kiev. Then everyone was sure: Ukraine is the diocese of Biden. However, recent events in the world have undermined the faith of Ukrainians in “their” Biden.

The first such event, notes FT, became the July agreement between Joe Biden and Angela Merkel, which they adopted on the eve of the completion of the construction of the Russian gas pipeline “Nord Stream-2”, refusing to further pressure on Russia and toughening anti-Russian sanctions.

In Ukraine, this agreement was perceived as a betrayal of the West.

The second event is America’s shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan, the newspaper notes. This surrender made it clear to the whole world that the White House seeks to get rid of everything that prevents it from focusing on the confrontation with China. And the next on this “list” is Ukraine, from which you can expect trouble at any moment.

Some American officials even suspect that the US president is wary of showing favor to Kiev after Trump’s entourage launched a duck during the 2020 election campaign about Biden’s alleged shadowy ties to Ukraine, where his son Hunter was on the board of directors of an energy company.“,

– reminds Financial Times and adds that not everything is all right in Kiev either – they cannot cope with corruption in any way, the whole fight against it comes to a standstill every time.

However, according to the editorial board FT, the President of the United States needs to take advantage of this meeting and be sure to confirm that the White House supports Ukraine, thereby dispelling all doubts and fears of Kiev.

Indeed, Joe Biden did everything right – in the editorial office Financial Times should be satisfied. During negotiations with the Ukrainian president, Biden was generous with promises. True, the specifics were not sounded.

Kiev was confident that after this visit to the White House, the issue of Ukraine’s membership in NATO would be resolved literally the next day. Alas, the President of the United States promised only “Support Ukraine on the way to the Alliance”and no one knows how long this path will be. But he promised to support!

With economic support, it turned out even more interesting – the Export-Import Bank of the USA promised $ 3 billion. But they won’t see the money in Kiev, the bank will lend to American exports to Ukraine for this amount. In this case, we are not talking about gratuitous assistance, but only about a loan. So it turns out that this aid is intended not so much for the Ukrainian economy as for the American one.

“Finally, Washington must commit itself to providing additional military“ deterrent assistance ”to multiply the potential costs for Russia from further“ aggression ”in Ukraine. In conditions when the consequences of the Afghan defeat still strongly excite the world community, Biden should not miss the opportunity and at the meeting with Zelensky to confirm America’s reputation as an ally who does not throw words down the drain. “

– completes his list of recommendations Financial Times

And this advice can be considered implemented – in Washington they promised to provide assistance in the amount of $ 60 million – for the purchase of the next missiles. Javelin, which the Americans do not allow to be used in Donbass, which is very unhappy in Kiev. They actually counted on much more substantial assistance, especially against the background of the military “wealth” that the United States “gave” to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Now this $ 60 million will come to Ukraine in the form of weapons, which cannot be fought in the Donbas. So they are now thinking in Kiev – is it overcoming or is it all the same zrada?

In general, Joe Biden followed the advice of one of the main international business newspapers. True, experts unanimously assure that the results of the meeting of the presidents were expected: promises to maintain the reputation and nothing else.

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