Oct 7, 2021
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What a mess in the hockey team ?!

What a mess in the hockey team ?!

Mir novostei explains why the Russian national hockey team had three head coaches in a week, and does this mean that we need to wait for the fourth?

And there are only four months left before the Beijing Olympics, where hockey will be the icing on the cake.

In general, Valery Bragin was appointed the head coach of the Russian national team, and this happened back in 2020. As it happens with us, Bragin at the same time headed SKA, which is the base club of the national team. The St. Petersburg team prepares talented youth and brings them to the level of the national team of different ages.

Where did Bragin pierce? Why did you decide to change it? Maybe the defeat in the quarterfinals of the senior world championship contributed to this. Russia was considered the favorite, but lost to Canada in overtime (1: 2), which eventually took the gold. Maybe public opinion suppressed or just Bragin was considered lightweight. Rather, three factors worked at once. As a result, they decided to change the coach.

The famous Vyacheslav Fetisov, who was taken to the mixed zone of the gala match, when the President of the International Ice Hockey Federation Rene Fasel was escorted to retirement, slashed: “This is a mess that we still don’t know what the coaching staff of the Russian national team will be like at the Olympics. ! “

That is, even Fetisov did not see Bragin at close range. And the next day, the president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation (FHR) Vladislav Tretyak, who had played with Fetisov in the USSR national team, excited by the words of his former partner, announced that Oleg Znarok would be the head coach of the Russian national team.

Everyone rushed to discuss the news. In general, public opinion was very positive. After all, it was Znarok who was the head coach when the Russian national team won the gold medal of the Olympics in Pyeongchang. And in general, hockey players treat him well, seeing in him a snarling evil dad, who will always protect against attacks from officials and journalists. For someone like Znarok, you want to die on ice.

But the situation soon changed. Tretiak had already avoided questions about Znark and promised official news that would greatly surprise everyone. And really surprised! They announced that Alexey Zhamnov would become the head coach. Uh-uh, stop, why ?!

Here you need to share insider information that has become available to the “World of news”. The fact is that the FHR is not an independent body when it comes to a national event. You won’t argue that the Olympics are big politics, will you?

So, the federation really wanted to stage Znark. But his candidacy had to be approved at the level of the expert council. And it included de jure famous veterans Boris Mikhailov, Valery Kamensky, Pavel Bure … but de facto, they were great statesmen. Gennady Timchenko – president of SKA, patron of Spartak, chairman of the board of directors of the KHL. Arkady Rotenberg is the main person at Dynamo Moscow and chairman of the board of the FHR. And then there is Igor Sechin – the main person in CSKA, who also has a great influence on Russian sports.

Is this fair? I guess, yes. Because hockey in Russia does not pay for itself, but lives on state money. Therefore, big people from hockey can ask and even put their candidates for the post of head of the national team. Yes, they even pay attention to this.

Timchenko – under him Znarok led Spartak Moscow for two years and did not go beyond the first round. Rotenberg – under him Znarok ruled at Dynamo Moscow, and there was also a story with the transition to SKA. And recently, when they wanted to return Znarka to the blue and white, his candidacy was also suddenly shot down. Sechin – it was not for nothing that the names of the past and current mentors of CSKA began to appear on the council: Igor Nikitin and Sergei Fedorov.

In general, speaking figuratively, Oleg Znarok got into a zone of turbulence. As for Zhamnov, he is like a son to Timchenko, and it is not just that he has been working as a manager at Spartak for many years. True, this season he was slightly moved, but he was not removed from the club. In addition, Zhamnov knows English, which is useful at press conferences, he is also respected by NHL players, he has been working in the federation for a long time and was a member of Znark’s headquarters at the gold Olympics in Korea.

Curiously, Zhamnov must, by October 12, announce the coaches who will be included in his headquarters. And there, in the headquarters, Bragin and Znarok are in the role of consultants. Will they stand on the bench in Beijing? And who will be next to them? And in general, by the way, Zhamnov himself has not signed a contract yet. And if he has a disagreement, when will he coordinate the coaches? What, then, to look for a fourth head coach for the Olympics?

Therefore, Fetisov is talking about a mess. All fans are already spinning their heads.

Stepan Stroyev.

Photo: S. Sandurskaya / AGN “Moscow”.

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