Oct 18, 2021
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“What a handsome dad”: Alsou showed a rare photo with her father


On the eve of the holiday, 38-year-old singer Alsou shared a photo with her father, accompanying him with congratulations.

Alsou does not hide the fact that her father, Ralif Safin, helped her to become a singer. He is a businessman, former vice president of the oil company Lukoil, and a politician. According to the singer, the parents gave her everything that the child needs. And when she began to sing, dad used his connections to help her become famous. Now the artist also helps her children in everything: Safina, Michella and Raphael.

Earlier, Alsou showed her mother Razia Safin, who surprised the audience with her youthful appearance. And the day before, the singer shared a rare photo with her dad. They were captured during a walk. The artist was in a black jacket and a white scarf, but Ralif appeared in jeans and a down vest. Alsou clung to her parent. She congratulated him on the holiday, which this year began to be celebrated in Russia.

Alsou with his father Ralif Safin
Alsou with his father Ralif Safin

In the person of my beloved daddy, I congratulate all the fathers on the Holiday!
How right that there was such a wonderful occasion to say again and again: ‘Dad, thank you for everything! I love you very much! ❤️❤️❤️ Most importantly, please be healthy’🙏🏻“, – said the star.

Fans were amazed at how young Alsou was. Many noted that he has the appearance of Hollywood actors. “What a handsome dad ”,“ Ralif of good health to you and a long and happy life. And thank you for your daughter🤗 “,” Daddy’s daughter❣️ “,” Your dad is very young. May Allah grant you to please you with his presence for a long time “,” What a wonderful Dad you have🌹Real and loving his Family🌹, – the subscribers commented on the post.

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