Jun 1, 2022
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“Wet in the toilet -2”: Zelensky did not teach history well, if he taught at all

In the photo: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (center).

In the photo: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (center). (Photo: AP/TASS)

Political scientist Sergey Markov outlined point by point the goals of the military operation previously announced by the President of Russia – the denazification and demilitarization of the neighboring country. “What is it and what is it eaten with?” asked Sergey Alexandrovich in his telegram channel.

At first glance, he stated everything extremely logically and concisely. But, as they say in the prosecutor’s office, “there are a number of clarifying questions.” Let’s go over the program of a political scientist. There are pitfalls there.

First. “All neo-Nazi organizations must be disarmed, banned, disbanded, and their leaders arrested. The list of the main neo-Nazi organizations in Ukraine is known,” says Markov.

Everything is correct. But there are dozens of these organizations in Ukraine. If not hundreds. Or maybe thousands already. And practically all of them have been pumped up with poison and poison of hatred for Russia and Russians for eight years. And this Nazi army can only be defeated by military means. How fascism was defeated in Germany.

Words, arguments and beliefs are powerless here. Metastases of the disease have become irreversible. The army of Ukraine has already lost 40-50 thousand people, but many of its soldiers, we admit, still go to death for their beliefs. The expected psychological change has not yet been observed. Therefore, only a military victory.

Second (according to Markov). The “shelling of the cities of Donbass” must be stopped immediately. This actually follows from the first postulate. A defeated army can no longer have its own weapons. It is either removed or destroyed. Assault rifles, machine guns, mortars and other “shooters”, of course, will merrily scatter over farms and huts (it is impossible to trace it in principle), but all weapons of mass destruction must be destroyed unambiguously. Therefore, they will simply have nothing to shoot from. Not in the Donbass, not in the Russian border villages, not just in the air – from an excess of feelings.

Third. “All political prisoners must be released from prison immediately.” This is also not discussed. In fact, many of them are no longer alive.

Fourth. “All heads of the SBU, MO, and MVD must be immediately removed from their posts.” Removing is not enough. There, many have blood on their hands from the very heels. On their bloody account – death Givi, Brain, Motorola, Nikitenko… Of the recent “exploits” – an attempt on the mayor of Melitopol. These guys are not going to be dismissed, but real terms. For some, a lot. And there are enough of them in all power structures of Ukraine. And for them, a public Nuremberg trial-2 should be held.

Fifth. “With respect to the most notorious war crimes, such as the massacres in Odessa on May 2, 2014, an objective investigation with the participation of Russian investigators should be carried out.” In fact, the names of the organizers of the arson have long been known to everyone. And they don’t hide much until now. Why hasn’t at least one of them been brought in a trunk somewhere to the Lubyanka, and then not brought to public trial. Any serious intelligence can do this.

Sixth. “All streets and public structures in honor of the fascists must be immediately renamed.” Everything is correct. The memory of the fascist bastards must be erased from the memory of the people.

Seventh. “Immediately, a commission should be set up to change textbooks in the social sciences in order to eliminate the justification of fascist crimes. Russian specialists should have the right of veto in these commissions.” Also correct. It all starts with textbooks. But there are a few “buts”. First. The operation is delayed. Nobody announces the dates. Therefore, in the fall, Ukrainian schoolchildren will go to a Ukrainian school to study the work of Ukrainian patriots Shukhevych I Bandera. So we have every chance to miss another generation of Ukrainians.

In general, losing sight of the challenges of the time, and then paying for it with thousands of lives of Soviet (or Russian soldiers) is a generic stain of Russian politics. At one time, they missed the flowering and formation of Nazism in Germany. In the Soviet years, the Bandera people in the USSR were sorry – they were released from the camps, although it was necessary to give all murderers a life sentence. It has come back to haunt us in our time in Ukraine… And it is not clear how to deal with this, so as not to wash yourself with blood later.

Eighth. Theoretically, this “change in textbooks” should be handled by Russian education officials. But our home-grown officials are the kind of people who are able to confuse, muzzle and nullify any great and noble cause. Therefore, some other people are needed here. Historians, entrepreneurs… Or the same officials over whom the sword of Damocles of responsibility will hang – up to the criminal one. Otherwise, the death of denazification.

Ninth. “All liquidated mass media should be restored. Freedom of speech must be guaranteed.” What to do with the existing ones? With arrest officers, Gordons, other Goebbels of the media war? With their “freedom of speech”? Say “thank you” for all the good things? Or still “invite” to the Nuremberg Trials-2? And not only as witnesses?

Tenth. “Pressure on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church must be stopped immediately.” No comment. But the behavior of Ukrainian clergy should also be viewed under a magnifying glass. And there was a split. And someone swore Poroshenko.

Eleventh. “The Russian language should immediately receive the status of the second state language by presidential decree, and then be included in the constitution by law.” Actually, in the liberated regions – the same Donbass – I would make Russian the “first state language.” As it was before the collapse of the USSR.

Point number twelve. Ukraine should be declared a “neutral state”. What, is there any alternative?

Item thirteen. “All advisers from the US and Britain and other NATO countries should be immediately removed from the state authorities of Ukraine.”

In fact, no one bothered to “remove” them from the office on Bankovaya, 11 with an exact hit of the “Dagger” or “Caliber”. So periodically “remove” and “denazify” their countrymen-mercenaries in the forests and fields of Ukraine. But as the political scientist says Sergey Mikheev“They go out there, blaspheme, drink coffee…”. It would be nice to finish with this “bloat”. And as a dessert for Viennese strudel and Turkish coffee, throw it into a Russian-style Sarmat coffee saucer.

Fourteen. “All heads of state and quasi-state media should be replaced, and all supporters of neo-Nazism should be excluded from the media.”

It seems that new media will have to be created in Ukraine. From scratch. By the way, I propose those expelled from the “square” Sharia I Podolyak to become the main media workers of the country. Yes, and in the Russian media there are enough ethnic Ukrainians who are able to perfectly carry out the denazification of the media in the “square”.

Fifteen. “Zelensky can remain president. But Parliament must be dissolved and re-elected through fair elections.” !!! I didn’t understand… A man on whose conscience to leave tens of thousands of corpses at his post?! The breakdown of the matrix, the break of patterns, the knockout of common sense… “Honest elections” is another story, and not only in Ukraine. What if the Ukrainians again choose (or “choose” for them) some next fascist? Do you imagine “fair elections” in May 1945 in Germany? Me not. Only the military commandant’s office and the military administration.

Sixteen. “All political emigrants should be able to return to Ukraine and engage in active political activity.” And a traitor Akhmetovabecause of which we received the hardest assault on Mariupol, or the “godfather” of all national battalions Kolomoisky also accept? Or the same Poroshenko?

So many of the points outlined by Sergei Alexandrovich require either correction or improvement. And this is just the beginning.

And most importantly, denazification in Ukraine is impossible without changes in Russia. But more on that another time…

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