Sep 11, 2021
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Westinghouse technologies are not suitable for Ukrainian nuclear power plants of the Soviet era

Now there will be much more homeless people in Ukraine

September 8 American TV channel CNN published a sensational material about who prepared and carried out a special operation to seize 33 members of the Wagner PMC in Minsk in July last year. The media then wrote that the operation was prepared by the SBU and Ukrainian intelligence, but Zelensky or someone from his entourage leaked the information to Minsk. Say, there is high treason. People’s Deputy Geo Leros recently even suggested to the Rada that Zelensky should appeal to Putin with a petition to award the head of the presidential office, Andrei Yermak, the title of “Honored FSB Worker” for disrupting a special operation against Wagnerians.

Ermak and SBU called this information CNN fake, and the intelligence of Ukraine declared that the case of the Wagnerites was of “Russian origin” with the aim of “involving Ukraine in an international scandal and undermining its international authority.” CNN, referring to his own sources in Belarus and Ukraine, refutes this version. The publication claims that the United States knew about this “carefully thought-out” Ukrainian operation and supported the operation.

TV channel CNN detailed the details and indicated that “The Ukrainian operation received American money, technical assistance and recommendations from the CIA on how to attract Russian mercenaries”… The TV channel, citing Ukrainian sources, reported that “This setback was a major blow to Ukrainian intelligence, which has been working to catch Russian suspects for nearly 18 months.”… He did not mention who was responsible for the failure of the operation, but the appearance of such a plot in CNN immediately after Zelensky’s visit to Washington is an answer to the question of why the US did not want to meet with the Ukrainian president for a long time.

As a result, Kiev, in exchange for $ 463 million “for reforms”, $ 60 million “for the war” and $ 67.8 million for the fight against Covid-19, agreed to the further impoverishment of the Ukrainian population. The Ukrainian media wrote that the Ukrainian state-owned company Energoatom and the American Westinghouse signed a memorandum of cooperation, which implies the participation of the Americans in the completion of the fourth power unit of the Khmelnitsky NPP using the AP1000 technology, as well as in the construction of four more power units at other nuclear power plants. It will cost Ukrainian taxpayers $ 30 billion.

but Westinghouse indicates what has been signed “Exclusive agreement for the supply of AP1000 reactors to several sites in Ukraine”… That is, this is not a memorandum, but a deal that will be difficult to refuse.

And most importantly, Westinghouse technologies are not suitable for Ukrainian nuclear power plants built by Soviet specialists.

The American company filed for bankruptcy back in 2017, and now Ukraine is going to “save” it for $ 30 billion. There is no such money in the Ukrainian budget, it can only be scrapped up through loans, which will then have to be repaid for a long time. But Ukrainian nuclear power plants, despite constant repairs of power units, provide a sufficient amount of electricity. At the same time, Ukraine is experiencing an acute shortage of maneuverable capacities, when the demand for electricity, depending on the season and time of day, either decreases or increases, but no one is dealing with this problem. For example, in hot July, thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants began to shut down power units due to a lack of coal.

Ukraine stubbornly gets into a hole in debt. Its total public debt in July 2021 amounted to $ 92.96 billion. By the end of this year, it is necessary to return $ 857 million to the International Monetary Fund, including $ 122 million percent. Inflation in annual terms in August remains at the level of 10.2%, this is the maximum value since 2018. Sugar and sunflower oil for the year set a record for price increases (75% and 70%, respectively). Ukraine will have enough of its own potatoes only until the end of the year, then they will start importing them from Egypt, Romania and Poland.

The total wage arrears in July 2021 amounted to UAH 3.96 billion, the highest rate since December 2020. Utilities warn that heat tariffs could rise by 40% in the fall. The problem with tariffs would be solved if Ukrgazvydobuvannya began selling gas to consumers at an affordable price, but the West does not allow it – it is necessary to focus on European prices.

The Ukrainian gas transmission system operator warned of a possible disruption of the heating season due to the total debts of regional gas companies in the amount of UAH 9.2 billion. The population’s debts for utilities at the end of June 2021 amounted to UAH 70.6 billion.

In this critical situation, a law comes into force, terminating the moratorium on disconnecting debtors from housing and communal services. Suppliers will now “legally” deprive people of the ability to use electricity, gas, heat and water. “Servants of the people” submitted to the Rada a bill that will allow evicting on the street for debts if they exceed 60 thousand hryvnyas. Apartments bought on a mortgage also fall under the law. The eviction will be handled by the police. The bill has already been approved in the first reading.

If this unprecedented law is approved, Ukraine will turn into a bunch of homeless people; the existence of the country will be called into question.

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