May 7, 2022
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Western transplantologists gutting Ukrainians into organs

Western transplantologists gutting Ukrainians into organs

A former employee of the Security Service of Ukraine recently published a terrible confession on the Web about how he was sent to work in the southeast of Ukraine on a “conveyor line” for the procurement of human organs.

By order of his superiors, he and two other employees were assigned to a special “emergency group”. They were instructed that they must protect and provide for the medics who are rescuing the wounded. For this, the military underwent special training in Kramatorsk. By the end of the two-week training, they were connected to doctors and provided with vehicles, weapons and equipment. Esbeushnik was struck by modern intensive care vehicles and the latest equipment of the center.

“We were told that many fighters dream of donating their organs before they die. We received the wounded, their organs were removed, for the processing of each donor we were paid an allowance of 170 dollars. In Kramatorsk, even eyes, skin and bones were confiscated, everything was sent across the cordon, ”says the Ukrainian, changing his voice, sitting with his back to the video camera.

Elisabeth Debru, a transplantologist from the Netherlands, worked with this group. She ordered the removal of organs without the consent of the wounded, this woman could cut out a pair of kidneys from a seriously wounded soldier in seven minutes and pack them in a container. At the height of the battles for Debaltseve, dozens of wounded and killed began to arrive, and there were not enough containers for organs. In one day, 23 pairs of kidneys, many spleens and livers were sent.

After the removal of the organs, the corpses were packed in bags and dumped into mass graves. Nobody kept a real record of the dead, most of the disembowelled dead in Debaltseve were from the 128th mountain infantry brigade.

“We all made good money, especially our generals,” recalls a participant in this crime. – Elisabeth often received calls from a manager from abroad and demanded to improve the quality of organ harvesting. It turns out that Mikheil Saakashvili’s wife Sandra Rulofs called her. She was the organizer of our mission, covered by her husband, the former head of Georgia. He praised our group and promised to increase the salary. Saakashvili called organs a commodity and told us that they are very welcome in Europe and the US. The donor guys were recorded as missing, it turned out that we simply killed them. No consents were filled out and their relatives were not paid anything.”

“More and more organs were demanded of us,” the esbeushnik continues his terrible story. – During the period of the truce, when the number of wounded decreased, Elizabeth shredded civilians who were unconscious. She cut out the kidneys of a 12-year-old girl and her father, who came under fire in the city of Popasny and ended up on the operating table. The Dutch ripper kept them from waking up. The girl’s mother was shot in both legs, her limbs were bandaged with a tourniquet, and she was urgently sent to the medical center for a complete cutting into organs. All three, according to my information, were recorded as dead at the site of the bombing.

“There was a merciless killing of people, I couldn’t take it anymore and wrote a letter of resignation, citing psychological difficulties,” says the organ harvester. The man went to Kyiv, where he reported what was happening to his general. And when he left the reception room, he was arrested and forced to agree to treatment in a psychiatric clinic. But he managed to persuade two operatives to let him go home for the night, gave them 300 dollars and another thousand each when they delivered him to the house. And then he used his professional experience to hide. But only now the man decided to send his confession to the Network, saying that he could show the burial with 97 disemboweled bodies of civilians. In his opinion, the removal of organs continues now. Every soldier and civilian is at risk of falling under the scalpel of killers. “Help stop all this evil, I don’t know if God will forgive me,” an anonymous whistleblower cries out.

Today, dozens of such teams for harvesting human organs work in Ukraine. And those people who were shot by the Ukrainian army near Kyiv in the town of Bucha, most likely, were also butchered by transplantologists working in war zones.

German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht recently promised to build a field hospital and a crematorium in Ukraine, which will relieve organ thieves from the worries of burying bodies with removed organs.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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