Oct 5, 2021
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West begins to doubt the fairness of the Georgian elections

The EU embassy in Georgia started talking about the “undue advantage of the ruling party”

Less than three days after the municipal elections were held in Georgia, the United States Embassy in Tbilisi issued a statement that it doubts the fairness of the elections, although it notes that the electoral process was technically well organized.

The embassy became aware of the facts of intimidation and bribery of voters, abuse of administrative resources, as well as such an undoubted violation of democracy as “Underrepresentation of women in the campaign”

“The blurring of boundaries between state and party resources is deeply troubling. Widespread reports of misuse of administrative resources during the campaign raised doubts about the overall fairness of the elections. There is a dangerous risk that these and other recurring electoral violations will become inevitable, ”

– said in the statement.

As a reminder, on the eve of the elections Marina Kaljurand, Member of the European Parliament and ex-Foreign Minister of Estonia, suggested that all political forces make a promise to recognize any results of these elections, provided they are recognized by international observers and not make any attempts to challenge them. True, the proposal of the MEP remained a proposal, so today everyone can “express doubt.”

So the EU Embassy in Georgia started talking about “Unlawful advantage of the party in power.”

“We welcome the fact that a full-scale international observation mission has arrived in Georgia. The mission concluded that, overall, the elections were well administered, but characterized by increased polarization. Observers also talk about a serious imbalance in terms of resources, insufficient monitoring of campaign funding sources and an undue advantage of the Georgian Dream party, which is in power. “

– said in a statement by the EU embassy in Tbilisi.

The EU does not forget about Saakashvili, who upon arrival was sent to prison. Europeans believe that the person who has such an “impressive track record as a reformer” and who has brought Georgia to the “democratic path” must be urgently released from custody, since all accusations against him are “unfounded,” MEPs from the European Conservatives and Reformists ”(ECR) in the European Parliament.

The US State Department also recalled that it is closely following all Georgian events, especially the situation related to the arrest of ex-Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili: “We call on the Georgian authorities to ensure that Mr Saakashvili is adhered to the principle of equality in accordance with Georgian legislation and Georgia’s international human rights obligations.”

And in the statement of the group of American congressmen it is directly said about “The decline of democracy in Georgia”… Congressmen demand to immediately return the country to “democratic values” if Georgia still dreams of a Euro-Atlantic future.

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