Oct 31, 2021
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“Well, what should we give now, Crimea, or what?”

In the photo: Russian athlete Angelina Melnikova celebrates her victory in the individual all-around at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships

In the photo: Russian athlete Angelina Melnikova celebrates her victory in the individual all-around at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships (Photo: AP Photo / Hiro Komae / TASS)

“Every time you have to worry about refereeing. We are given the highest score only if we have performed everything perfectly. Some guys cannot cope with such competition and injustice and even change their citizenship. After all, everyone wants to be assessed objectively, and not because he is a Russian. This has been going on since the days of the USSR. It has always been that way. This has almost never been effectively dealt with. Well, what should we give now, Crimea, or what? Unfortunately, this is the only thing that could ease the pressure on Russian athletes, “a State Duma deputy from United Russia shared her vision of the situation with refereeing at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Kitakyushu, Japan. Svetlana Zhurova

“But we all understand that this will never happen,” added Svetlana Sergeevna. With all due respect to her “gold” won at the 2006 Turin Olympics, the very attempt to justify some Russian athletes who “cannot cope with such competition and injustice” and easily change their citizenship for “fair refereeing” is shocking.

We would like to add that today big sport, including Olympic sport, has become, to put it mildly, big business, and in Russia it has also become a political career, which, by the way, speaks about the deputies of many former athletes. Therefore, athletes changing their citizenship, even if we assume that they are in fact “dishonestly condemned,” often act solely out of selfish motives.

For example, in 2020, a 16-year-old Russian pole vaulter Matvey Volkov this is how he explained his rejection of the white-blue-red flag with the following words: “… there is nothing to catch here. It is a pity that all friends and relatives remain in Irkutsk. Otherwise, I take it for granted. So now it is necessary … I do not want to be tied to any one country. I want to be a citizen of the world. I like to travel. I don’t think territorial boundaries are of fundamental importance. And as for earnings, there is not only state support. The main source of income for a top athlete is competition and personal contracts. ”

As the saying goes, “young, yes early”, which, in fact, refers to most businessmen from sports, who are well aware that they do not have much time to hit the jackpot. Nevertheless, the indifferent “people” on the Internet have different attitudes towards the change of citizenship of our young people, the main merit of which lies only in the fact that God has endowed them with excellent physical data.

“Sport has become just a profession. People earn money, just like in other professions. Only in other professions they do not raise the country’s flag at the end of the work shift. “

“I can’t blame them. From childhood to give all the best, and in the end get a fig … Patriotism is certainly good, but you will not be full of patriotism. “

“Will they be ready to give up money for training in the Russian Federation? Or will they slip by the fool again? “

Obviously, it is precisely because “you will not get enough of patriotism” that the justifying point of view “everyone wants to be judged objectively, and not because he is a Russian” appears. All of this in total says only that the ruling United Russia is losing the battle for the minds of the younger generation.

By the way, in the USA they treat the rejection of the “Stars and Stripes” badly, in any case they condemn, not justify. Overseas, as a legal expert writes Michael Brin, the point of view is strong that the renunciation of American citizenship should be punishable, first of all, by complete expulsion from the United States. American politicians, mainly Republicans, regularly come up with such initiatives when the list of refuseniks is published.

Of course, this practice does not apply to athletes wishing to compete under a different flag, also because the state does not make “gods” out of Olympians. Of course, it’s nice when their own people win, but the patriotism of the athletes has not been canceled either. The USA, for example, presented winners in Tokyo with a check for $ 37,500 for each gold medal, $ 22,500 for a silver medal, $ 15,000 for a bronze medal. These numbers have grown from the $ 25,000, $ 15,000 and $ 10,000 respectively awarded at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

At the purchasing power rate, these are very small rewards: somewhere around 750 thousand rubles for “gold”. It is clear that there is no question of any ticket to Congress to replace the legislator.

Now about the bias of international judges and the remarks “Well, what do we need now, Crimea, or what?” The Associated Press wrote in 2002: “Russian officials filed a protest in connection with the women’s figure skating final and said the Russian silver medalist deserves her gold medal due to biased judging.” But then there was no smell of “annexation of Crimea”.

And one more thing: overseas sports officials are also tearing their shirt off, proving that they are being wrongly offended just because they are Americans. Like, “we are shown that aircraft carriers will not help in sports.”

If you delve into the sports press of most countries, you can find dozens, if not hundreds of publications on the topic of “Soap Judge”. Moreover, our country was accused of bias. “At the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, few people thought that the Russian figure skater Adeline Sotnikova will win gold. Reigning champion, Young Kem from South Korea, was a favorite … “- complained 7 years ago to her readers NBCnews.

“Our jaw dropped,” commented the American skater Simon Schnapier, who watched the ice rink in Sochi together with other participants. According to him, “but at the same time, none of us are new to how figure skating works. … You either cope with it or you don’t, ”the leading state TV channel quoted the athlete as saying.

However, none of the American congressmen from the ruling party speaks as if “the Yankees are being persecuted for being Yankees.” And, in general, “Well, what should we give Texas now, or what?”

You must also understand that there will always be dissatisfied with the refereeing, even if it is completely impartial. Of course, the factor of Russophobia takes place, and all other things being equal, or almost equal, at international competitions in unfriendly countries, most likely, not our athletes will receive prizes. The more valuable is the “gold” that the Russians deserve, who are regarded as representatives of a great and independent country.

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