Jun 2, 2021
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Well, the turn of the Gudkovs has come

On the morning of June 1, security officials came with searches to ex-deputy Dmitry Gudkov. “I have a search in my dacha near Kolomna. Like my former assistant Alexander Solovyov (in 2017-18 he was the chairman of Open Russia founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky * – Note). Like my chief of staff Vitaly Venidiktov. I don’t know the formal reason.” The real is clear “, – he wrote in his Telegram channel.

Dimin’s papa, also an ex-deputy of the State Duma and the owner of an extensive security and waste collection business, Gennady Gudkov, comments from abroad: “A new stage of repression started yesterday in Russia: now they grab and throw into prisons any unwanted. In fact, a real terror has been unleashed against the thinking part of the population. OMON has broken into our dacha (owned by me and my wife) near Kolomna. Allegedly with a search. All phones The reason for the search is unknown. In the house – sons with grandchildren and relatives. My niece wrote to me that they came to their house with a search. This is Moscow, the family of his wife’s sister. So it began in 1937, and you did not believe! Chief of Staff of Dmitry Gudkov Vitaly Venediktov and his former assistant Alexander Solovyov A special operation to clean up Gudkov’s team A terrible Gestapo country Huge forces have been thrown today to fight the Gudkovs and their relatives. !!), in the apartment of my wife’s sister. Policemen are waiting for Dmitry in Moscow! Hundreds of employees are carrying out an action of intimidation and arbitrariness. Searches are going on in my old office on B. Kommunisticheskaya (Solzhenitsyn). The office has been gone for more than 8 years … I have no idea what you can look for there? Apparently, this is just a reprisal against the entire Gudkov family. Revenge for everything! .. The search in the family of my wife’s sister Irina is over. They were looking for some documents of the companies, Irina was taken somewhere. We hope for another search of the office. The Gudkov family has at least 4-5 searches today. This is our country now. “

In a telephone conversation with Echo of Moscow, Gudkov Sr. said that the police were taking Gudkov Jr. to Moscow.

The Gudkovs family has been sick enough. It’s time to take.

On the eve, on the runway at Pulkovo airport, an FSB officer was detained by the recent executive director of Open Russia *, a reference ultraliberal-soroson Andrey Pivovarov: “I flew to rest, went through customs, there were no questions. The plane had already passed taxi, when suddenly stopped. The cops drove up and took me out. “The cunning guy-businessman (the former manager of the boutiques” Three Suns “and the owner of the beer brands Truvor and Asagiri, a graduate of the Moscow School of Civil Education ** with an internship in the USA) was wanted under an article on the activities of an undesirable organization, Art 284.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation According to the ex-coordinator of “Open Russia” * Tatyana Usmanova, Pivovarov intended to fly the St. Petersburg – Warsaw flight of the Polish airline LOT.

* recognized on the territory of Russia as an undesirable organization, announced self-liquidation on May 27
** included in the register of NPOs performing the functions of a foreign agent

Aleksey Ivanov

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