Apr 27, 2022
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Welcome to The Matrix

The world has come close to implementing the script for the film “The Matrix”. The third millennium, without stinting, is testing the individual and all of humanity: a “pandemic”, which is attributed to the death of more than 6 million people and which promises to return with new strains; prolonged World War III, which, like a peat fire, breaks out in different countries and regions, rocking the world like a boat; the likelihood of mass extinction – if not from the transition of the war into a nuclear phase, then from a climate catastrophe. Most people, of course, are frightened by any of these catastrophes. However, there are those who are going to take advantage of the promised disasters and people’s fear to achieve their highly dubious goals. Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos and its longtime president since 1971, titled his 2018 book “Technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” for a reason. And I could have called “Technologies for the creation of the Fourth Reich” – it would have been clearer and more honest. The demands put forward by Schwab are preparing the world for a new round of the revival of fascism. The book described, in particular, the establishment of “policy labs” where “government-business collaboration to create development sandboxes and testbeds for regulatory development using iterative, cross-sectoral and agile approaches” will take place. It would be easier to call flexible approaches crimes, lawlessness and lawlessness, but who will tell the uncomfortable truth in a book about how to take power and become above everyone, taking advantage of the panic of the masses? And to keep the dictator from being bothered by regulators, “public-private data-sharing agreements that ‘break glass in case of emergency'” can be used. Give a select few the power to act in “prearranged emergencies (such as a pandemic)” to “help reduce delays and improve the coordination of first responders by temporarily allowing data sharing that would be illegal under normal circumstances.” Deftly? Close access to data that could lower the ratings and income of individuals, ostensibly to improve coordination and responsiveness. Well, where to draw the line beyond which the concealment of data becomes criminal, of course, will be decided by the elect themselves. In the 2020s, a “pandemic” arrived. This is an opportune moment to use “prearranged contingencies.” If we take into account the October 2019 game Event 201, which simulated the fictional coronavirus pandemic, and a year later, Klaus Schwab’s new book “Covid-19: The Great Reset” (2020), co-authored with Thierry Malleret (leader ” Monthly Barometer”, “a brief predictive analysis provided to private investors, world leaders and opinion makers and decision makers”), here the conspiracy theorist will wake up in a skeptic. So, seizing the moment, K. Schwab published a book in July 2020, which contains “speculations and ideas about how a post-pandemic world can and perhaps should look like.” The co-authors propose that humanity introduce a new historical division between the “pre-pandemic era” and the “post-pandemic world”: “Radical changes are coming on such a scale that some experts call the era “pre-coronavirus” (BC) and “post-coronavirus” (AC). We will continue to be surprised the swiftness and unexpectedness of these changes – as they overlap, they will provoke second, third, fourth and more consequences, cascading effects and unintended results. Among the effects, first of all, we should mention the fight for the environment through the introduction of a digital prison and the cultivation of generations of hickeys who live their lives without leaving the gadget. And the result will be the formation of a “New Normal” (you will not want to remember the Neue Ordnung, “New Order”), “radically different from the one we are gradually leaving behind. Many of our beliefs and assumptions about how the world can or should look like will be destroyed in during this process.” Back in 2016, Schwab predicted that “new ways of using technology” would be needed “to change the behavior of the masses.” To do this, it is necessary to intimidate the masses. And the topic of climate change is extremely beneficial in terms of intimidation. What does Schwab and Mallere’s “environmental reset” offer us? They say: “At first glance, the pandemic and the environment may seem to be only distant relatives, but they are much closer and more interconnected than we think.” And the next step is the proposal to introduce “global governance”. Because the pandemic and climate crises are “global in nature and therefore can only be properly addressed in a globally coordinated manner.” And the thing is ready – the world government, formed from the enlightened, the chosen, comes into play. Neue Ordnung at your doorstep. He will take care of you and the environment. “Agile governance,” of course, will require money, a lot of money: “A policy paper prepared by Systemiq in collaboration with the World Economic Forum estimates that creating a nature-positive economy could amount to more than $10 trillion a year by 2030. .. Environmental rebuilding should not be seen as a cost, but as an investment that will generate economic activity and employment opportunities.” Alas, at the moment, society is not so intimidated that the performances of all kinds of Gret Thunberg forced him to pay such a bill. This is because, Schwab chagrined, “climate change and nature loss are gradual and cumulative, with effects that are seen mainly in the medium and long term.” I mean, it’s not scary enough. But “the risk of a pandemic requires immediate action, followed by a quick result.” Thus, if the shock of the “pandemic” is multiplied by the fear of climate change and ecological catastrophe, humanity can be intimidated into slavish submission to the supranational elite. What kind of reactions are expected from people by Klaus Schwab and others like him, except for trillions of injections? Nothing less than a complete renunciation of rights and property. The complete destruction of the former world, in which a person had at least something of his own. According to Schwab and Mallere, “The pandemic will be a turning point, accelerating this transition. It has crystallized the problem and made it impossible to return to the pre-pandemic status quo.” How do the authors of The Great Reset see the new status quo? At its core, this is digital fascism, from which there will be only a small step to the “Matrix”. The pink jelly that the people of the new millennium will be forced to spend their lives in may close our eyes, mouth and ears faster than we think. Photo: REUTERS (End to follow)

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