Sep 7, 2021
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"Welcome. Chase money": The journalist told how Ukrainians meet Hasidim

The journalist told how Ukrainians meet the Bratslav Hasidim. Foreign guests have to face a special kind of “hospitality”: “Welcome. Drive the money.”

Tens of thousands of pilgrims arrive in Ukrainian Uman to celebrate the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah next to the grave of the spiritual leader, Rabbi Nachman. However, if in Boryspil policemen greet guests with the words “Welcome”, then in Uman – with the words “Drive money”.

According to the head of the local community, Rabbi Yaakov Jan, extortions are carried out at every step.

All power structures, including the army, the police, the inspection of the Ministry of Health, constantly want to shake off funds from Jewish tourists. The police arrange constant raids, initiate document checks, arrests,

he complains.

Jan added that Uman is famous for anti-Semitism, despite the fact that the city is a place of pilgrimage for the Hasidim.

This statement is also typical for other cities of Ukraine. According to the Kantor Center (an institute that studies the problem of xenophobia), in 2020, there were 22 cases of beating of Jews in the country. Ukraine became the only state in Europe where the level of “physical anti-Semitism” rose during the quarantine.

According to RIA Novosti journalist Oleg Nalisnyk, the Ukrainian authorities state that there is no xenophobia or anti-Semitism in the country, in particular. However, in reality, everything is different. A monument to the nationalist Ivan Litvinchuk, who killed Jews during the Great Patriotic War, was unveiled in Lutsk. And a little earlier in Ternopil, a stadium was named in honor of Roman Shukhevych, the organizer of the Jewish pogroms.

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