Sep 12, 2020
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Weekly Horoscope Sep 14 to Sep 20, 2020

Weekly Horoscope Sep 14 to Sep 20, 2020

The horoscope will help you spend these seven days with benefit, attract good luck, become more successful in all areas of life. Astrologers will tell you how the planets and stars will affect us and our mood, as well as whether we can resist them.

The first and most important observation for the period from 14 to 20 September concerns intuition. Astrologers advise to listen to the voice of the heart and learn to recognize the signs of fate. The night lights will try to help, but not directly, but through hidden messages that will appear on our way from Monday.

Aries should get rid of the things that lead to the black streak first. This includes everything that upsets, frightens, makes you lose confidence in yourself. Astrologers recommend less communication with toxic people and avoiding those who try to manipulate, to achieve their deception.

The most successful days can be considered Thursday, Friday and Saturday. At this time, the stars will be in harmony with the planets, so that Aries will be lucky in the financial sector. You can also succeed in love affairs if you take the initiative in your own hands. Now it is important not to let things go by themselves, especially on Monday and Tuesday - on unfavorable days.

This week, the stars are giving Taurus the chance to excel in all walks of life. You can even take a risk, but if the situation justifies such actions. This will be a very profitable time in which you can achieve great heights in work and business. Stars are on the side of Taurus: new projects are favorable, difficult work, expensive purchases.

If financial problems are on the horizon, there are three simple ways to get rid of them. But stinginess can nullify success and lead people of this Sign to a fiasco. Also, experts advise to monitor the most important thing - your health. Without feeling well, you won't be able to increase your productivity.

The love sphere for Gemini will be the most important. A strong love conspiracy will help in finding happiness, especially if Gemini already know someone they like. If not, then you can start meeting interesting people. This is a great time for dating, romance, real-life communication and social media.

In general, the week will be calm and stable. The energy of stars and planets will weaken a little after the 18th, but this will not affect luck. In the financial sphere, this entire period is favorable for negotiations, the start of new projects, as well as for resolving legal issues. Also, from the 14th to the 20th, you can take a vacation and arrange a short rest.

It will be useful for Cancers to change their surroundings, to go on a trip or a business trip, to another city to visit friends or relatives. This will help get rid of accumulated fatigue and negative emotions. In their free time, astrologers advise using meditation to cleanse negative programs. This is a great time for spiritual practice.

Better to give up heavy physical exertion and not stay late at work. The loved ones and the second half will need a little more attention from Cancers. Astrologers strongly recommend not to deal with housing issues, not to buy apartments and other real estate. In difficult situations, you need to consult with the closest person.

On the first two days of the week, stars and planets form a combination that is difficult for Leo. It can provoke quarrels and scandals, a decrease in the general tone of the body. You can use special techniques to help enhance the energy. Astrologers recommend resting more, visiting crowded places more often and not avoiding entertainment.

The end of the week is ideal for spiritual development. Chatting with interesting, wise and bright people will help Leo find inspiration and motivation. It will also be useful to devote yourself to self-education, gaining new knowledge. In the love sphere, it is better to leave everything in its place for now and not make important decisions. Perhaps everything will be resolved by itself.

It is desirable for Virgos to communicate as little as possible with representatives of the aggressive signs of the Zodiac. Such people generate negativity around them, and Virgos are very vulnerable this week. Stars will deprive Virgo of energy protection, so unpleasant personalities will influence them more tangibly. This is the perfect time for privacy or household chores. In a long-term relationship, these seven days will be marked by coolness.

But on September 17, the stars and planets will be the most creative, so it is better to devote Thursday to work tasks. So Virgos will be able to unload the end of the week and relax on the weekend without unnecessary thoughts about unfinished work.

For Libra, the week will be relatively favorable. Only on Wednesday and Thursday is it worth being a little more careful in love and business. Friends and relatives will help to find a solution to an important problem, and Holotropic Breathwork will improve your mood. Astrologers advise to be careful when drafting and editing documents.

The rest of the week will be more favorable, so you can focus on the most important things. This is a good time for travel and a change of scenery. The energy of the stars is conducive to meetings and acquaintances, joint leisure with the family. It is better not to stay alone for a long time: this will negatively affect your luck.

It is possible that the past few weeks have not been the easiest or most enjoyable for Scorpios. It's time to get some rest, if, of course, there is such an opportunity. Three useful practices will help improve your well-being and mood this week.

Maybe friends or family will ask for help this week. Astrologers advise against refusing. Saturday and Sunday will become days of energetic upsurge, so if you help your loved ones, then only at the end of the week. Also on the weekend, many Scorpios will have pleasant acquaintances. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a dizzying romance.

Sagittarius has a very favorable week: they will need to overcome procrastination and gather all their will into a fist. Conspiracies from laziness and apathy come in handy on weekdays. This is the perfect time for work, business, starting new projects and promoting ideas. We need to act while the stars are on the side of Sagittarius.

It will not do without troubles. Contingencies expected mid-week. It is better not to rush into decisions and not throw money left and right. The beginning of the week is perfect for changing your image, visiting a hairdresser, stylist, or renewing your wardrobe. It is very important to communicate with kind and non-toxic people.

Capricorns begin a period of financial activity. You can safely make expensive purchases, start new businesses, change jobs, sit down at the negotiating table. Stars and planets will help people of this Sign get rid of bad habits that prevent them from getting rich. On weekends, you can take work home: the effort will pay off.

In the love sphere, Capricorns are expected to be calm. Anyone who is in a relationship should give the other half more freedom. It is better for free Capricorns to pause dating and searches. An exception will be the case when a person himself shows activity and initiative. It is better not to ignore the manifestation of sympathy.

Astrologers advise Aquarius to get rid of resentment and stop being angry. It is better to avoid negativity this week, especially in relation to loved ones and your significant other. Such feelings can scare off luck. You need to learn to forgive people for their misdeeds and mistakes. This week will be held under the motto "goodbye and you will be forgiven."

In financial affairs, Vodoleev expects some stagnation. Trouble may arise, but the situation will not be critical. The people of this Sign will have enough strength to stay afloat. The first three days of the week will be the hardest. During this period, astrologers advise not to tell anyone about their plans.

Pisces begins a favorable period for finding a soul mate, for starting new and ending old relationships. Experts advise using a technique called the Pythagorean square to check compatibility with the people you like. She will help you not to make a mistake at the initial stage of the relationship and avoid the wrong choice.

In the financial direction, sharp ups and downs are possible, especially from September 16 to 19, while the stars and planets are in slight dissonance. During this period, it is advisable not to make expensive acquisitions, not to break promises and not go beyond what is permitted. It is better to work quietly and peacefully on the assigned tasks.

Astrologers note that this week the strongest Zodiac Signs can become successful. These people will have a lot of patience and a lot of energy that they can channel in the right direction. Try to stay calm and collected.

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