Oct 16, 2020
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Weekly Horoscope Oct 19 to Oct 25, 2020

Weekly Horoscope Oct 19 to Oct 25, 2020

Horoscopes are the best helpers for those who want to avoid troubles and become more successful. Astrologers' advice will help all Zodiac Signs know where good luck will hide and how not to scare it away.

To avoid problems this week, you need to clear your energy of negativity. There are three easy ways to do this. Don't be a magnet for trouble - take a simpler view of the world and stay optimistic.

The financial sphere for Aries will become the most important, and already from Monday morning. The stars and planets will allow these people to get involved as quickly as possible. Special mantras, rituals and practices will help to open the money channel and attract financial flow. This will help Aries get good luck and keep it for many days in advance.

The second half of the week can be filled with quarrels with loved ones. Stars will contribute to the emergence of difficulties in communication, so it is better not to bend your line, but to learn the desire for compromise. Astrologers also advise to remember that balance is important in everything. Excessiveness will not bring Aries anything but new problems.

The most dangerous flaw for Taurus this week is stinginess. You need to share time with loved ones, to help others, if possible. It is very useful to give gifts and show signs of attention to the soulmate, children, parents. You can surprise the person you like with an unusual date.

The most important thing now is to learn to think positively, so that even in difficult days you can continue to smile and bring goodness to the world. People will definitely appreciate it. It will also help Taurus themselves find the will to win and the desire to change their lives for the better. In a good mood, new aspirations and new good goals may appear.

The time begins for Gemini when money problems come to the fore. These people will need to direct their energy to earnings, work, and strengthening their positions in business. The five most powerful money talismans will help them accelerate the process of personal growth. A little assertiveness, dedication will not hurt.

Great success awaits those who have some kind of passion, hobby that can be monetized. Astrologers advise Gemini to be on the move. If the bosses offer them to go on a business trip, it is important not to refuse. This is not the best time for meaningless feats for the sake of others. You need to work and try first of all for your own sake.

Cancers should help the weak and the needy, with indulgence towards all who deserve it. In business, work and business, you need determination, willpower. This is the perfect week for physical activity. Everyone who plays sports or just tries to keep themselves in good shape will be very lucky. Going to the gym or even light jogging will help release the accumulated aggression.

The first half of the week is ideal for spiritual practice and the use of affirmations for success and prosperity. It's time to tune in to a positive wave and forget such words as “I can't”, “I can't”, “I won't succeed”. On the road to success, it is best to avoid being rude and cruel.

Lions can become more stubborn already on Monday. If you do not give others the opportunity to agree, you can lose your luck. Astrologers advise to remember that it is necessary to meet people halfway so as not to provoke them to negative. This is especially true of the Zodiac Signs, who never forgive offense.

Leo should also avoid selfishness. Each person, in one way or another, tends to think about himself, but sometimes this goes beyond all permissible limits. This can provoke problems in the family, love. This behavior will be extremely dangerous because it will generate a lot of negative emotions in those around you.

Virgos begin a calm and measured time, in which their value system may change slightly. New goals and thoughts about the future may appear, some new opinion about familiar things may be formed. This means that very interesting and non-standard ideas will appear that can be implemented in the future.

In the love sphere, Virgos expect great success. Love stones-talismans will help them get a little more luck and self-confidence. This week is perfect for finding a soul mate and strengthening existing relationships. You can meet the parents of a loved one, plan a wedding or life together.

Libras are very lucky in the financial arena. Astrologers recommend using wise advice to keep money in the house, as well as start a period of study. The stars will help in gaining knowledge, sharpening Libra's memory and curiosity. In work and business, these people need to be independent and self-sufficient. Don't ask anyone for help.

In addition to strengthening positions in business and work, Libra is recommended to devote a little time to parents, relatives, children and soulmate. Achievements in business are not important if there is no one to share them with, if there is no one to evaluate them. Also, astrologers advise not to destroy your body. It's time to get rid of bad habits.

Scorpios should listen to their intuition more often. There are at least five situations in which you need to listen to the voice of the heart. This will help to avoid unforeseen problems in love, financial delays, and disruption of plans. Stars and planets are not in the best position, so various minor obstacles may appear on the path of life.

Scorpios will think that there is a certain attention deficit on the part of the opposite sex, but this is not so. It is highly likely that lonely representatives of the Sign will have secret admirers and fans. Scorpios who are already in a relationship are better off spending more time with their loved one.

In the first couple of days of the week, Sagittarius may feel a lack of strength and energy. On Monday and Tuesday, you should beware of energy depletion. Starting from October 21, the situation will begin to change. The stars will become more positive, which will have a good effect on the productivity of Sagittarius and their luck.

At the beginning of the week, the people of this Sign will be visited by uncertainty, so it will be more difficult to negotiate. It is better to postpone shopping and important things to the second half of the week. Astrologers and experts advise you to be careful when making big decisions. Otherwise, plans may go downhill.

Each of the Zodiac Signs has its own hidden possibilities. The stars and planets will help Capricorns open up in something new this week. This will be the perfect time to conquer new heights. It will be much easier to make new acquaintances, find new hobbies. Great success awaits representatives of creative professions.

Intuition will play an important role. Capricorns prefer to follow logic rather than sixth sense, but this week they should believe in the power of their inner voice. This will help them expand the boundaries of what is possible, increase their authority among colleagues and partners. Astrologers also note that intuition will help find new ways to solve problems.

The Aquarius is at the perfect time to solve legal problems. This is going to be a very eventful week, and you need to keep your eyes open. Astrologers advise not to violate traffic rules. This can be dangerous for your wallet and health. In order not to get into unpleasant situations, it is better to use good luck conspiracies for every day.

The perilous period will end around October 23rd. The end of the week should be calmer than the first half. Weekend Aquarius can be inspired and optimistic. These people may have new aspirations and goals. Also on weekends it will be useful to get acquainted with representatives of the opposite sex.

Pisces should spend more time this week thinking about tomorrow, not yesterday. Spiritual practices will be useful, including meditations to create a successful future. You need to set new goals for yourself, think less about past mistakes and more calmly perceive the criticism of others.

Pisces will need a little perseverance and cunning to achieve their goals. Now you need to learn how to dose it correctly, so as not to scare your friends and colleagues away from you. It is important to remember that everything needs a measure. Astrologers recommend very careful approach to business. The stars and planets are in a position where everything should be in harmony.

There are many ways to attract luck, but the best one is simply believing in yourself. It's important to keep moving forward this week, even if you're tired. Nothing should make you give up your dream. May this week give you a lot of positives.

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