Apr 30, 2021
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Weekly Horoscope May 3-9, 2021

Weekly Horoscope May 3-9, 2021

The first full week of May begins, in which countless important astrological events will occur. Experts said that they will influence the lives of different signs of the zodiac.

In general, this week can be called comfortable, despite the fact that Pluto has recently become retrograde. His negative will be blocked by a starfall, the transition of Mercury to the Gemini sign and a mirror date. In general, the stage from May 3 to May 9 can be considered suitable, but on the weekend Venus will decline, which may cause our productivity to suffer. Try to set yourself up for success and fulfillment of desires.

Aries has a pretty good week ahead of them to thrive in love. In the middle of the week, you can fearlessly meet new people. It’s harmless to do this on social media. You can flirt, have fun, meet friends. At the end of the week, it will be great to do household chores to transform the atmosphere at home. This will help defeat the surge of negativity and despondency generated by the stars and planets. Healthy conspiracies can be used to combat melancholy and negative emotions.

Environment Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the happiest days for Taurus. These days, the Universe will help them achieve the best success in business, love, work. These days, the five will work the law of attraction and visualization. The four main rules of making dreams come true will help speed up this process. The most important thing now is not to put hooks in the wheels of anyone and not to make money for yourself. You have to be friendly and benevolent. Astrologers advise to deal with legal problems and move more, engage in carnal labor.

Gemini will have many adversities, but now it is impossible to lose optimism and faith in the best. The power of positive thinking will help these people not only stay afloat, but also become more successful. Astrologers note that a very dignified stage can come in the life of many Gemini, which will be marked by unusual events. These people will be overtaken by an insight and awareness of the significance of some earlier decisions. In the period from 3 to 9, astrologers advise to create kindly, to do more pleasant things for loved ones and the second half.

Happiness is not a fleeting moment when we succeeded in doing something or solving a problem. Happiness is a state of pressure, so anyone can achieve it. Five simple daily exercises will teach Cancers to feel cloudless. The current week seems to be the most important for such practices. It is very dignified to set foot on the path of positive and optimism, forgetting about the recent unpleasant events. In the financial sector, it is more important to hold your horses back, but in love, the time has come to move from words to actions. You must take everything in your hands.

A lot of deeds and worries can fall on the lions’ heads. There will be little time to solve them, so experts strongly recommend using conspiracies from laziness and apathy. They will help the minuscule procrastination and awaken motivation in Leo. At the beginning of the week, Leo will need a little shake-up, so you can visit some newly-made point, chat with new people. This will set a positive tone for the entire week. Also, in the period from May 3 to May 9, it will be very cool to part with unnecessary things.

Devav is expected to have a big drop in energy on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. During such periods, it is worth using the advice of astrologers about how to strengthen the energy according to the Sign of the Zodiac. On difficult days or at the most crucial moments, it is more important to wear clothes that match the color of your eyes, use cloudless amulets. It will also help strengthen the biofield. The first attempt to covet an excellent result in new cases will not work, but this does not mean that you must immediately give up. Virgos should awaken courage and resilience in themselves.

Libra can take on countless new enemies and foes this week. Amulets from the evil eye and damage will help to overcome any troubles, minimizing the negative consequences of communicating with such people. The impact of space on these people will be very positive in the first three days. Then Libra should take a short break in love, in business and in the financial sphere. At the end of the week, it is more important not to make expensive purchases, not to take out loans. Astrologers also advise not to give empty words to anyone, not to go for deception and cunning for the sake of profit.

Scorpios will be lucky in business and work. These people will sharpen their intuition, which more than once will help to get out of the water and suggest an unchanging path in life. Three magical ways will help Scorpios free themselves from possible bad luck. The stars and planets are not in the best position, but this will hardly affect the people of this Sign. Astrologers recommend paying more attention to the little things, so much as if they may contain the seed of truth. Someone close to you can give great advice without expecting it. You have to listen to the dearest people.

Streltsov has a convenient time to deal with negative programs. You need to take control of your mind and tune in for the best. At the beginning of May, only those who will free themselves from fear and uncertainty will be able to achieve success. It is dignified to direct energy towards getting rid of inner problems. If suddenly in business or in relationships everything goes wrong, as if hunting, a small change of scenery will help to wait out the storm. You can take an unscheduled vacation for a few days to put your thoughts in order.

Capricorns have ideal times for carnal activity. You need to spend a lot of time on your feet, go in for sports, go to the pool, work in the garden. It is also a suitable week for financial activity, work. The mudras of attracting abundance and prosperity will help to increase the efficiency of work and get more money. At the end of the week, Capricorns may have the desire to isolate themselves from everyone and everything. Venus will make itself felt. You should not fight this lust and go against it.

The Aquarius is expected to have a big energy decline. Strength and enthusiasm may not be enough for anything, so it is more important to spend energy sparingly and wisely. You can also use ten healthy mods to strengthen your biofield. Astrologers advise Aquarius to listen to the advice of others and look closely at the little things. You have to be wiser and not look for those responsible for your mistakes. In this way, it will be possible to avoid new problems and troubles. The most productive and brightest days of the week are May 5 and 6. These days it is worth doing business more actively.

Pisces is fractionally attributed to the Signs of the Zodiac, which are unlucky with money. This week, such conclusions of experts may be confirmed. To prevent this from happening, it will be necessary to persist more and more, not to postpone the stately deeds for later. In the love sphere, the week will be marked by a payment for past gibberish. If Pisces deceived or betrayed someone, the karmic world can close. There will be an opportunity and to clear yourself of debts to the Universe. To do this, you will need to do more good devil.

Despite the variability in the mood of the stars and planets, this week will be ideal for fortune-telling in search of answers to questions of interest. The intuition of many of us will be enhanced, therefore it is dignified to listen to the inner voice.

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