Feb 5, 2021
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Weekly Horoscope Feb 8-14, 2021

Weekly Horoscope Feb 8-14, 2021

February is considered by many astrologers to be the most suitable month of winter. His second week promises to be more serene than the first, since the energy of the stars and planets will become a little more serene.

What we say will make great sense. We must be wary of the seven phrases that pose barriers to us. These barriers will become unusually tangible in the financial sector. The theme of money, abundance and work will become mainstream for many of us between the 8th and 14th. Actually, therefore, it is worth focusing on what is happening at work and in business.

Positive attitudes for every day will help Aries to attract happiness and success. You need to say to yourself in more detail something important and motivating, and also to hesitate in yourself more minutely. Nowadays, such is the time when even a small drop of doubt can cause a series of losses, problems and troubles. These are very dangerous times for inaction. Success can simply disappear. In the love sphere, Aries should also be a little more active. Probably, I remembered the times to make some kind of homemade present. Lonely Aries need to get to know each other.

Taurus needs to learn how to manage emotions. Otherwise, there will be countless quarrels and conflicts, which will not just unsettle them, but fill their lives with chaos and problems. The key to this week’s success is finding compromises. Taurus should save their nerves. Now is the right time to travel, change scenery, rearrange furniture, and make expensive purchases. Shopping will be healthy only if it is forced and planned. If you just want to pamper yourself with something, it’s more important not to.

The Gemini’s most dignified this week will be the sphere of finance. There will be some lull in it, which you can use for your own purposes. People of this Sign should follow the rules of success that have been tested by time. The time has come for the realization of their rounder and dreams. In the love sphere, Gemini will also receive a powerful positive charge of energy from the stars and planets. These will be the times when you can keep up with two hares and sit on two chairs. The most important thing is to replace excessive activity with timely rest so as not to burn out.

Cancers begin a very suitable stage for introspection and spiritual practice. This means that it will be possible to find inner harmony and tranquility, to find answers to exciting everyday questions. There are seven signs that Cancers will already be in harmony with themselves. If this is so, then in the next week these people can expect success in most of the devalues ​​that they have to decide. It is impossible to miss any details now. Every little thing is great. Many Cancers have cute, unplanned changes in love.

Leo is entering a suitable stage in love. Their energy will be very powerful, so they will be able to overcome their fears and insecurities. These will be the perfect times for apologies and reconciliation. With a high probability, Leo will be able to solve all the internal problems in the family. Also, the night sparkles will help them overcome barriers in consciousness that prevent them from getting rich. At the end of the working week, there will be a convenient time for the alphabet of new projects and promotion of ideas. Leos may receive an offer from another place of work.

Devav now has the very times when you can easily attract the desired thoughts by force. In this they will be helped by creative thinking. You should not hide resentment in yourself, develop plans to stir up, incite aggression. All this provokes bad luck. It took weeks for spiritual practice and lucid dreaming. At the weekend, Virgos will want to change priorities, but astrologers strongly recommend not to. The energy of the week ahovo is suitable for radical changes in life. This can be the beginning of an unfavorable stage.

In the period from February 8 to February 12, Libra will face some difficulties in communicating with people. The thing is that countless negativity and criticism can come from others, which can unsettle and deprive oneself of self-confidence. Experts recommend that people of this Sign remember the advice on how to remain serene even in the most difficult situation. On the 13th and 14th, the situation stabilizes, but not completely. It is more important to spend weekends nearby with relatives, relatives and friends. No need to think about problems, work, business.

Scorpios will be lucky and successful this week, but every now and then they will lack the strength and energy to solve some important problems. To activate internal resources, you can use the stimulation of the feng fu point. This is an ingenious way to preserve and increase strength. New problems may appear on the radar, but this does not mean that they cannot be solved. Scorpios will be able to overcome everything that fate has in store for them. The most important thing now is to stop being guided by your inner “want”. You need to go about your duties and stop being self-centered.

The tight ones instill in us false destructive truths, even if sometimes not on purpose. Sagittarius in the period from 8 to 14 February should think more with their own heads, bypassing uninvited advice from Palestine. Astrologers note that now the waste of finances and time is ironically contraindicated for the people of this Sign. It is necessary to plan correctly and take less risks. In the sphere of love, it is worth showing great responsiveness. It is impossible to give empty words, unusually to the other half. This is fraught with squabbles.

Already on Monday morning, Capricorns will be able to become more productive and creative thanks to the powerful Venus. If they suddenly fail to communicate with this planet, six useful methods will help to catch the state of the flow. The week is perfect for cleaning, housekeeping, buying furniture, rearranging, traveling. Astrologers advise to bring the devala to the end. In love, many Capricorns will be able to open new facets, hitherto unknown to them. You shouldn’t overestimate yourself, but you shouldn’t be afraid to come forward either.

Aquarius begins a stage when the need for unexpected purchases, not previously planned, may take place. The most important shopping mascots will help them not waste a penny. It is necessary to look both ways, because ill-wishers will skillfully arrange nets. This also touches the areas of love and friendship. Someone can spread antipathy rumors. You should not react to this: the aggressor will receive what he deserves. If you take everything too close to your heart, you won’t have enough nerves.

The energy fueled by Venus will help Pisces to become very successful in creativity and love. In business and in work, they should rely on intuition and act in accordance with plans. In love, you can break patterns and take risks. The right order of the day will be a very dignified component for productivity. Astrologers advise not to deviate from the standard routine. There is no need to explain the reasons for your actions to foreign people. Experts also recommend refraining from criticizing loved ones.

Fatigue will be normal this week. Total relaxation meditation can help improve vision and rest. May this week bring the best of everything. Fortune to you.

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