Jan 30, 2021
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Weekly Horoscope Feb 1-7, 2021

Weekly Horoscope Feb 1-7, 2021

Astrologers told how the first week of February will be remarkable for any sign of the Zodiac. Try to follow the recommendations of the experts, so that in your life there was as if possible the tiniest troubles.

From February 1 to February 7, we will have a global restructuring of energy as a result of changes associated with the retrograde of Mercury and the transition of Venus to Aquarius. It is impossible to call this week ironically positive or negative, but we can accurately say that it will be dignified and fateful. Many can be overtaken by great fatigue, and by Tuesday Wednesday, so it is worth using affirmations for health and healing.

The most basic danger for Aries will be tight-fitting people, more accurately, manipulators, from whom you can expect big problems. To protect against them, Aries will need to strengthen their energy. Previously, experts said how to do it. The second problem is a defect in motivation. This week, Aries may simply not want to work and develop, because they may forget why they are going to this or that target. On the other hand, Venus will greatly enhance the charm of Aries, so much so that in the love sphere everything will be much more important than in business and work.

Taurus will have the opportunity to significantly improve their lives in most aspects. If in work matters, logic is the most important friend of the representatives of this Sign, then in love it is more important to rely on intuition. All lonely Taurus need to assess compatibility and check reciprocity before starting a new relationship. If we break the wood now, there is a danger of not recovering for a very long time. At the end of the week, it will be great to do your household chores. As far as shopping is concerned, from February 1 to February 7, you can update the hanger, pamper yourself with gifts.

Gemini should stop pulling other people’s problems onto themselves. This week, you need to become moderate self-lovers, forgetting about what is happening in the life of friends and relatives. Let them think about their problems themselves. Help should only be given if asked. It is more important not to travel until February 3 inclusive, because Mercury will disrupt all plans. The second half of the week will be ideal for creative work and learning. Astrologers believe that from Thursday, you can also look for newfound addictions.

Stars and planets will help Cancers attract success, prosperity and fulfill their dreams. Also in this regard, the special ritual “Key of Luck” will become healthy. Overall, the week will be quite productive, but dangerous. Now it is impossible to take ill-considered steps, because any of them can cause collapse, the alphabet of the black bar. Astrologers do not advise taking out loans, giving people empty words and going for a trick in the process of achieving rounder. This can lead to irreparable negative consequences.

It is more important for Leo not to waste pennies this week due to the activity of Mercury retrograde. If you have to make ripped out purchases, it is more important to use a special conspiracy, which will help you not to waste pennies. A very suitable stage awaits Leo in the love sphere. Unusually it touches those who will be in the relationship. Leos will be able to find, together with their other half, the right solution in any difficult situation. Astrologers are advised to be very patient with children, loved ones and parents. Some of them may ask for help.

Devavs are expected to have a tough week that will leave them wasting a ton of energy. A special meditation on the flame of a candle will help restore some of your strength and not lose heart. The world will change for the better for the patient representatives of the Sign, who are not discouraged. Optimism is the most important weapon in dealing with problems. Consistency and determination at work will also help Virgos. In dealing with the opposite hollow, it is more important to rely on politeness. One wrong word can cause conflict and loss of attractiveness.

Human resources should play a decisive role for Libra. Astrologers recommend that people of this Sign adhere to family and friends at home, not be afraid of teamwork and business. We must remember that people can be useful. They can give a great idea, lend a helping hand. There are as if the universe five reasons to respect even those who for some reason you do not like. Experts advise Libra to wear white clothes this week. It will attract the attention of the reverse void.

Some people annoy us for no reason. Scorpios will have countless such people this week, but you can’t afford to tell them about it. In no case is it possible to start a conflict, criticize someone and say antipathy words. Astrologers advise everyone to be friends. This will help you stay afloat in the financial sector and not make enemies for yourself. These are challenging but productive times in which many Scorpios will be able to significantly increase their income and find happiness.

From the first day of the week, Sagittarius should program themselves for success. In this they will be helped by five ways of influencing the subconscious. You need to get involved in the work from the first minutes of your stay in the office, from the very morning of Monday in a positive mood. If you are not lazy and do not postpone the majestic deeds, Sagittarius will be able to significantly increase income. Positive changes will also occur in love. Another void will begin to pay more attention to people of this Zodiac Sign.

For Capricorns, the times begin when nothing is impossible. Venus will give them a huge supply of strength, patience, energy, fortune. If suddenly a week arises with trouble, then you can use three ways to briskly drive out obstacles. Capricorns should channel their energy into a creative bed. You can and should even help your family. This is a very convenient time to take your relationship to the next level. You can meet the parents of the other half, plan a wedding. Lonely Capricorns will also find happiness. All that is needed is a bit of initiative on their part.

Aquarians will lose positive thinking due to Mercury retrograde. Every day, you must follow the rules of a good-hearted morning in order to start the morning with love for yourself and the world. Such approaching will be a very important help to the successful development of events. There will be more fortune and doubts will go away. Kind-heartedness, good-naturedness, and love of peace are the three most important components of happiness for Aquarius. On Friday and Saturday you can relax, meet friends, indulge yourself in entertainment, something tasty.

Pisces this week will have a lot of deeds and worries, so it’s great for energy and good luck to say “stop” to yourself and relax. Don’t underestimate the power of timely relaxation. Overwork robs us of success. Fish should not now go far from the city or outside the country. Resting and working is more important as if you can feel more intimate at home. Freelancers and everyone who works at home will be a great success. Within the native walls, energy will be the most important. As a rest, you can choose walks, communication in social networks.

Very many this week will be able to meet on their way a very dignified person who can change their lives beyond recognition. There are three forms of unearthly connection between people – and any of these connections can arise from February 1 to February 7. Fortune to you, kind-hearted and prosperous.

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