Sep 14, 2020
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Weather Addiction: 6 Ways to Feel Better During Magnetic Storms and Bad Weather

Weather Addiction: 6 Ways to Feel Better During Magnetic Storms and Bad Weather

Many people develop various ailments and poor health during periods of magnetic storms, changing weather, and surges in atmospheric pressure. This is called weather dependence. Experts will tell you how to feel better on days like these.

Earlier we talked about the tips of traditional medicine for weather-sensitive people. It's time to supplement this knowledge and methods with advice from scientists and experts in the field of bioenergy.

Many people get headaches during changes in weather or magnetic storms. This is a terrible condition in which it seems that you could not get enough sleep, that tiredness came earlier than usual, although you did not have to do anything hard.

In this state, it is very useful to be able to do self-massage. It is necessary to warm up the fingers of the working hand: for a right-hander, this is the right hand, and for a left-hander, the left. Thumb massage helps with headache. It is necessary to knead its base in a circular motion, and then slowly rise up. It is best to do this in a relaxed state for five to ten minutes. You will immediately feel a decrease in pain levels. It will become much easier to work.

Very often, magnetic surges or surges in atmospheric pressure do not occur for a day or two. Experts strongly recommend observing the daily regimen during such periods, because this has a positive effect on energy and mood. You need to go to bed on time and not get up early or late. It is very important to monitor the quality of sleep - close the curtains, ventilate the room, and not overeat before bed. It is also very important not to play sports an hour and a half before bedtime, not to watch TV.

It is useful to get enough sleep, but it is not always possible to do it. If you suddenly do not get enough sleep on the weekend, you can take a little nap during the day. This will also help get rid of the ailment.

It is believed that lemon tea, berry juice helps to reduce the level of fatigue and increase energy. Vitamin C acts as an accelerator of metabolic processes. The liquid helps to flush out all harmful substances from the body, therefore, during problems caused by the weather or the sun, it is worth drinking more, including plain pure water.

Experts also recommend not to forget that junk food on such days is doubly harmful. You should beware of too fatty foods, the use of alcoholic beverages. All this will have a bad effect on health and increase the malaise.

You can light an incense stick with a citrus scent - lemon, grapefruit, orange. These odors increase the tone, reduce the level of body fatigue.

Instead of sticks, you can use aromatic essential lamps. In addition to citrus aromas, mint or eucalyptus are good options.

Learning to meditate is easy. You don't have to be a Tibetan monk. If you feel tired because of work, you should not rush to sit at the computer in the evening, but devote ten to fifteen minutes to meditation. If you have a headache on a weekend, then you also need to postpone everything and take care of yourself.

The simplest of all relaxation and health promotion meditations will be understandable for any person. You need to relax, taking a comfortable position - some are comfortable lying on their backs, others sit in a chair, and still others like to squat. Further, after adopting a comfortable body position, you need to take a deep breath ten times and then exhale. This will align your heart rate.

Next, you need to clear your thoughts of everything that worries you. To do this, you can imagine yourself on a mountain top, in an ice cave, in space, in a forest, on the seashore. You need to use all your imagination to stay in this place for as long as possible, but not less than five minutes. This practice is great if you are very tired on hard days.

Do not stay in the office for a long time if a magnetic storm is raging or the weather changes. It is not advisable to take risks even if the problem is urgent for one day.

Experts don't recommend going to the gym on days like these. Instead of jogging, it is better to just walk down the street, walk, breathe fresh air. It is useful to go to the forest, to the dacha - away from the bustle of the city.

Too long journeys or flights are also better to postpone. If you go somewhere, then the maximum is out of town. A stay outside the city limits is recommended due to the fact that during such periods the human body needs more oxygen.

Try to always follow the seven golden rules of strong energy and good health. This will help you stay fit even on the worst days.

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