Jul 1, 2020
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Wealthy Russians fly in a pandemic abroad on “business minibuses” with the approval of the staff, and less wealthy – in a roundabout way

The suspension of international traffic in the coronavirus pandemic did not become a serious problem for wealthy Russians who own real estate abroad. The output, although almost the only one, was to rent business jets. According to experts interviewed by Forbes, those who wanted to return to their foreign homes and apartments with a residence permit or residence permit were even easier to get permission to fly than those who needed urgent medical attention.

Business jet operators are guided by the requirements of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the "official requirements for passengers and flights of specific countries." To coordinate the flight, the airline must first send an application to the RusAero Civil Aviation Control Center, then it enters the Federal Air Transport Agency, and if the department is not against the flight, a cover letter is sent to the coronavirus control team led by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

If the headquarters agrees that the purpose of the flight is justified, then permission is issued to the airline through the return chain. According to the owner of the company JETVIP, Alexander Osit, it’s the exact scale that agrees the longest. A permit is often issued just a few hours before departure, and recently, due to the increased number of flights, even several days late.

Priority is given to holders of a second citizenship or residence permit abroad. Diplomats also get permission easily. According to Evgeny Bykov, Development Director of Your Charter Company, when obtaining permits for urgent treatment abroad, the proportion of approval of applications and refusals was 70 to 30. It was more difficult for business owners to fly abroad: here the ratio was 50 to 50, and some documents the property was not enough, it also required an invitation from the company.

The cost of a one-way flight to Nice or Cyprus costs 20-30 thousand euros, in Sochi or Crimea - 20 thousand, to London or Geneva - 18 thousand. During the pandemic, jet-sharing began to gain popularity - the joint lease of an aircraft for 10-15 people "by type of minibus." In addition to regular passengers, the services of business jets began to be used by people who used to fly in business class, and now have to not only look for other ways of transportation, but also want to reduce the risks of coronavirus infection. According to Jet Partners, 90% of business jet passengers flew on them for the first time this year.

However, you can fly abroad in other roundabout, but legal ways, writes In particular, from Moscow via Belgrade and Minsk. True, you will have to plan your trip yourself, and it will most likely cost more than the usual charters. In addition, there is a risk that going back will be harder.

Last week, Vedomosti found out that “secret” flights abroad were made by Aeroflot. They are decorated as cargo, but tickets are openly sold on them - as a rule, they appear on sale in less than a week about departure. The head of the Ministry of Transport, Yevgeny Dietrich, explained that Aeroflot only accepts for transportation from Russia those who have citizenship of another country, that is, it makes the possibility of picking up there for an export flight for Russians abroad. “Nobody is carrying ours,” the minister said.

However, according to journalists, any Russian with a residence permit in one of the countries of the Schengen agreement can get on Aeroflot flights to Europe. At the same time, according to the reviews of passengers themselves, they are allowed to fly to New York even without a residence permit, but only with a valid tourist visa.

In the same way, Aeroflot flights can also get to London, and one of the passengers of the flight to Rome said that he arrived on a tourist visa for treatment, with an invitation from a medical organization. Neither a residence permit in Serbia nor a visa is required for a Moscow - Belgrade flight. Enough tickets and explanations that the passenger is flying for personal reasons, writes Znak. From Belgrade, you can fly to any country where there are no restrictions on the reception of tourists and Russians in particular. But it will be much more difficult to get on the Aeroflot return flight: you will have to register for export through the government services portal and contact the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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