May 15, 2020
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“We will return Lviv to Poland”: a leading Ukrainian volleyball club changes its registration

Volleyball club Barkom-Kazhany /

The volleyball club from Lviv Barkom-Kazhany has applied for participation in the Polish Championship this season 2020 / 21.

Information was confirmed by the director of the communications department of the Polish Volleyball League Kamil Warehouse .

"I can confirm that the clubs from Berlin and Lviv have sent their applications. It is a great honor for us," the Polish sports functionary emphasized.

Polish volleyball specialist Jan Sukh, who previously headed Lviv Kazhanov , commented on the possible participation of the club in the Polish championship in the season 2020 / 21.

"I am for Bark-Kazhan to play in the Plus League. Let's give them a chance. Even while I was a coach Barkoma, people talked about the idea of ​​joining the team in the Polish championship.

In Ukraine, this team has no equal, so they would like to try their hand at our country. They have a really strong team, a wonderful hall that can accommodate more 21 spectators and a very well organized club.

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In turn, the president of Barkoma-Kazhanov Oleg Baran for commented on the information about the club’s possible participation in the Polish Championship.

He emphasized that preliminary negotiations have already been held with the Polish and Ukrainian volleyball federations.

"This is not cheating, but normal practice. Marketing is an option for the NBA - if both us and Berlin are accepted. This may be a decision to expand the league and division into two divisions. The level of attractiveness of volleyball goes to a higher level. Do not forget that Poland is a two-time world champion. They have the strongest sport namely volleyball, "he emphasized.

According to Baran, the infrastructure in Ukraine does not allow volleyball to be brought to a new, high-quality level .

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"Sports in Ukraine are in general stagnating. One of the main reasons - there is no real current legislation for sponsorship and patronage. In most cases, these are the individual desires of one or another owner. Everything rests on that, "he added.

Recall, it was previously reported that in Poland football player Taras Romanchuk, who changed his passport from Ukrainian in Polish, made a scandal with an opponent because of the “Bandera.”

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