May 1, 2022
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We will pay for heat in a new way

We will pay for heat in a new way

The Ministry of Construction came up with a truly revolutionary proposal to abolish the monthly payment for heat supply in equal amounts throughout the year and replace it with payment after the heating season.

Payment during the heating period implies that the figure in the receipt will be created based on the readings of metering devices: how much energy they consumed, how much they paid. The system of uniform payment of amounts throughout the year is arranged differently. Utilities calculate the fee based on last year’s heat consumption readings, then monthly receipts are sent to residents with a certain conditional figure, and at the end of the year a recalculation is made based on the meter readings for the current year.

Such a recalculation can shock any homeowner. If this year’s winter was colder than last year, the difference will have to be made up, and this often means a significant increase in the final cost. And a sharp increase in the amounts in the payment, of course, always causes discontent among citizens. Now the Ministry of Construction proposes to abolish the monthly payment for heat supply in equal amounts and replace it with payment upon the fact of the heating season. From the point of view of representatives of the department, it is easier to calculate the cost of the services provided in this way, and there will be fewer complaints against public utilities.

Apparently, municipal officials pursue only their own goals. And the words about “convenience” and “claims” are nothing more than a trick or stupidity. Because, of course, a person will be outraged when they count an extra 500 rubles during recalculation, if this winter was colder than the last one. But how will he react to the fact that every month with the heating turned on he will have to pay 3-4 thousand more than usual? Do you want a real social explosion? It’s just amazing how slow-witted home-grown officials are, because they, in fact, are laying a real mine under our civil society.

Natalya Purtova.


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