Jan 3, 2022
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We will master billions ahead of schedule!

We will master billions ahead of schedule!

The government has allocated another 100 billion rubles for road construction in the regions – this amount is calculated for the next two years.

It is assumed that due to the advance allocation of funds a year earlier, by the end of 2023, it will be possible to achieve the targets of the Safe and High-Quality Roads national project.

“Five years in four years!” Or even three! Such slogans sounded in the glorious Soviet times, calling on workers to feats and promoting socialist competition. This phenomenon had not only a lot of positive, but also negative sides – it broke the schedules of planned deliveries. However, today’s economic authorities have decided to creatively master the experience of Soviet times, shoveling it in their own way.

Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said that advanced financing of the construction and repair of regional and local roads will help to accelerate the achievement of the goals of the national road project. This is allegedly why the budget tranche of 100 billion rubles is issued for two years at once – 2022 and 2023.

Anyone from the experts believe in this version? Experts say that the practice of accelerated financing of road construction began in 2020 and was continued this year. The road network in the regions has grown dramatically ?!

According to M. Khusnullin, accelerated construction saves significant money: “The faster we build, the cheaper it is for the budget.” In terms of purchases, they are outstripping the rise in material prices. But experts believe that this argument will only apply when prices for building materials continue to rise rapidly. That is, we will spend on construction faster than inflation rises! This is not just vicious logic, it is on the verge of absurdity!

Today, inflation is winning in all areas. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, only an increase in sand prices will lead to an increase in the cost of building the M12 highway (Moscow – Kazan) by 20 billion rubles.

But this is not the main problem. Experts say that no fool will keep billions of rubles in the company’s accounts, which can only be spent next year. To be gnawed by inflation? The cunning business executive will hurry to put the money into circulation either (bought vodka cars – resold vodka cars!), Or in speculation on the financial market. The result will be either another jump in inflation, or a new collapse of the ruble on the currency exchange.

This is how free money works in the economy! Doesn’t the government understand this? Unlikely. Because the future (!) Work on the construction of the BAM is being paid for exactly according to the same scheme. Russian Railways will allocate money for the entire budget of 134 billion rubles this year, but in reality the work will be completed only for 89 billion rubles. The spending of 45 billion government rubles are carried over to the next year.

And who knows who and where will scroll them and how much they will saw off in their pocket ?!

Pavel Maksimov.


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