Oct 19, 2021
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We update the bathroom interior with our own hands

We update the bathroom interior with our own hands

Use our tips to tweak your bathroom a bit.

Renovating a bathroom is often much more expensive than decorating any other room in an apartment. In addition, during the repair process, the owners have to deal with a lot of dirt and inconveniences, which does not add optimism at all.

But if the bathroom looks unpresentable, or the shower requires changes, the interior of the bathroom must be updated.

  • Refresh grout… To update the interior and get rid of yellowed grout, buy special paint from a hardware store. Before applying it, clean the tile joints with a toothbrush soaked in bleach solution. After completing this procedure, you can safely start painting.
  • Replace taps… According to the designers, if you replace the faucet and shower in the bathroom, the room will immediately acquire a fresher and more attractive appearance.
  • Decorate the wall with mosaics… Mosaic will be able to act as a bright accent in the room, if you correctly approach its selection and installation. With its help, you can make a panel over a bathtub or sink, frame a mirror in the bathroom. This option will be the perfect solution if you do not want to completely change the tiles in the room, but strive to bring something new to the interior.
  • Use vinyl decals… If the mosaic option does not suit you, you can go an easier and faster way – buy decorative stickers.
  • Hang a new curtain… By the way, in addition to the curtain, you can also buy towels and soap dispensaries.
  • Buy a new mirror
  • Lay a new rug… The cheapest and fastest bathroom change is buying a new rug. If you want it to perform not only a practical, but also an aesthetic function, choose it to match the curtains, towels and other accessories present in the bathroom.
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