Jan 28, 2021
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"We thought they were playing against the Russians, but …": USA missed a blow from the inside – Wasserman

The USA missed the blow from the inside, Anatoly Wasserman noted: “We thought they were playing against the Russians, but…”. He noted that large Internet monopolies such as Google are acting not only against Russia, but also against the United States itself.

Political expert Anatoly Wasserman appreciated the warning of Russian President Vladimir Putin about a great threat to the whole world.

Recall that during his speech at the Davos Forum, the leader of the Russian Federation drew attention to the fact that technological giant corporations are now actually trying to replace states. In particular, for example, establishing their own censorship.

Wasserman in a commentary for the Tsargrad channel confirmed that such a danger does exist. He explained that large monopolies often act against the interests of their countries and their peoples. This also applies to the United States.

But it should be borne in mind that the United States as a country is not quite a single whole. Within them, there are many groups with different interests. The main confrontation exists between producers and traders. The Republican Party is closely associated with the former, and the Democratic Party with the latter. When Donald Trump called for making America great again, he essentially wanted to revive domestic manufacturing by returning most of the jobs to the country. This, of course, is in the interests of production workers, but it hits traders pretty badly. Especially in the interests of information traders. This is Hollywood, and various news agencies, and Internet giants, – said the expert.

The interlocutor of the “First Russian” stressed that the Internet giants actually trade in the information created by their users.

The strength of Google is that it was the first of all search engines to figure out how to sort the data output based on the statistics of links to a particular page from users. That is, he is not so much engaged in sorting information himself, as he uses sorting already carried out by users. Social networks rely even more on what users write. That is, these companies have nothing to do with production, and it turned out that they worked, in fact, against the interests of their country. Until it was believed that Internet censorship was introduced only against Russians, it could still be said that these structures were playing on the side of their state. But now you can’t say that, ”concluded Wasserman.


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