May 3, 2022
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We select shoes for outerwear – the secret of a harmonious image

We select shoes for outerwear - the secret of a harmonious image

These techniques will help you harmoniously and beautifully combine shoes and outerwear in one composition.

Shoes as an accent

Looks very non-trivial look, where shoes are the main focus. Here the focus is not just on outerwear, it is restrained in form and neutral in hue. But the shoes are selected contrasting, bright.

Texture match

Color is not the only criterion for choosing shoes for outerwear. Also take into account the invoice. For example, the matte finish of outerwear material looks great with shoes of the same plan.

texture contrast

When outerwear is catchy in texture, then shoes should calm her down as much as possible. The glossy surface of the jacket and boots made of matte smooth leather are the right combination. If you choose shoes made of lacquer material, then it is better to choose a top that is discreet in terms of texture.

Style combination

Despite the fact that eclecticism is very relevant now, when styles are combined in different variations, it is not always appropriate to use this technique. If you are not confident in your talent as a stylist, it is better not to risk it.

Not all styles blend harmoniously. A win-win solution is to choose outerwear and shoes in the same style.

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