Dec 31, 2020
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We select a foundation by skin type

We select a foundation by skin type

What girl doesn’t dream of her perfect skin? What methods are being taken for this. But, sometimes, it seems that it is possible to achieve the effect of your favorite stars from the screen only with the help of Photoshop. But this is not the case, therefore, if nature has not rewarded the perfect face skin, you should not despair ahead of time.

Nowadays, there are a great many different concealers on store shelves, which are the real professionals and the main assistants in terms of visual elimination of defects. They are able to correct any situation that would not happen on the face of any girl. The main thing is to correctly and correctly use what the manufacturers offer.

There are a large number of foundations, and how not to get lost among such a large selection? First you need to decide on your skin type.

Owners of oily skin type

If the skin of the face has an oily sheen, and at the most inopportune moment it begins to shine, then in this case, such products are needed that contain sulfur and zinc. These ingredients help to reduce sebum production without drying out the skin at all. For this type of skin, you do not need to buy creams with a dense consistency, as they can create a mask effect. A light emulsion is the best option.

However, this type of skin also has its advantages. Owners of oily skin do not have to worry about the premature appearance of wrinkles, since sebum moisturizes the skin.

Owners of dry skin type

Here the situation is exactly the opposite. Due to dry skin, there is a high likelihood of wrinkles appearing at a very young age, therefore, girls with dry skin and constant peeling need additional moisture.

In this case, you need a product that contains active moisturizing ingredients, as well as oils. The oils will help the skin get the necessary vitamins and proteins, make it more elastic, soft and soft.

Owners of aging facial skin

This type of skin requires lifting creams. They are formulated with antioxidants and moisturizers that mask the signs of aging, moisturize and help protect skin from environmental stress. Well, anything is right for any skin of the face – moisturizing, moisturizing, and again moisturizing.

Owners of normal skin type

This type of skin is the most unpretentious and most favorably tolerates any tonal means. Therefore, in this case, you should focus on your personal choice. For the skin to always look young and fresh, it must be thoroughly nourished and moisturized. Therefore, when choosing a foundation, you should pay attention to just such components.

And, of course, whatever the skin type, and whatever tonal means are used, you should always remember that all internal health problems are reflected on the face. Therefore, you always need to follow the menu, lead a healthy lifestyle and devote time to sports. In this case, problems with skin and appearance will disappear.

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