Dec 27, 2020
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We return money from the online store

We return money from the online store

The Internet has long and firmly established itself in our lives, and many of our fellow citizens have already appreciated the opportunities and advantages that the World Wide Web gives people.

On the Internet, you can not only read news, pay bills, contact government agencies, but also buy almost everything – from food to washing machines.

This, you see, is very convenient. I pressed the “Buy” button, made a payment – and wait for delivery. But along with the growing popularity, the number of scammers is growing. This is a very big problem for people, let’s say, above middle age, who do not have sufficient skills to “live” on the Web and often make annoying mistakes. How and where can you complain about an online store in order to achieve the desired result, and the perpetrators were punished?



More and more stores are leaving for online trade, and the number of buyers is increasing every year. The leaders here are Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg. In addition, the volume of trade through the Network is quite high in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Samara and Rostov regions.

This is great, but there are also alarming numbers. According to Rospotrebnadzor, from 2012 to 2019, the department received more than 87 thousand complaints about distance selling.


The main problem of online shopping is that you cannot check the quality of a thing before it gets into our hands. As a result, the size may not fit, it may not suit its condition, the product will not correspond to the declared properties, or you simply will not like it. However, the seller, of course, will not be eager to replace him. And even vice versa …

It’s important to know! The Law of the Russian Federation “On Protection of Consumer Rights” has a separate article 26, which regulates the relationship between a buyer and an online store located in Russian jurisdiction. According to this law, we have the right to refuse the goods at any time before the transfer, and after the transfer of the goods – within 7 days. (The return period for goods in conventional stores is 14 days.)

The return of a good quality product is possible if its presentation, consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of this product are preserved. However, the absence of a document confirming the fact and conditions of the purchase of the goods does not deprive us of the opportunity to refer to other evidence of the purchase of goods from this seller.

That is, unlike a usual store, where there is a list of goods that cannot be exchanged or returned, everything can be returned here! The only exception applies to items that have individual consumer properties and are made to order.

An interesting subtlety: the term for a possible cancellation of the goods increases to three months from the date of its receipt, if information on the timing and procedure for returning is not posted on the website or in the sales contract.

If the item is returned in good quality, seller will deduct the return shipping cost from us. In this case, the buyer has the right to demand replacement, repairs or a “commensurate discount” from the seller. Or claim reimbursement for DIY repair costs, or full return shipping costs. Everyone decides for himself.

According to Russian law, money must be returned within 10 days in cash, by mail, to an account or card.


Experts recommend videotaping the unpacking process. The phone’s camera can handle it perfectly. This will help protect itself from the fact that the store will refuse to accept back the goods that came in unusable condition, citing the fact that the consumer himself could spoil the goods.

When receiving a parcel at a post office, a self-pickup center or a courier, it is better to open the parcel in the presence of an employee who, if a defect is found on the spot, will make an inventory and send the goods back.


First of all, you need to try to solve the problem peacefully. We appeal to the store representatives and do not forget to warn that we can write a complaint to the appropriate authority. Nobody needs unnecessary checks and even more fines. Conscientious sellers may be accommodating.

If they don’t make contact, we submit a formal complaint. So where can you go with a complaint about an unscrupulous online store?

Rospotrebnadzor. The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being monitors compliance with consumer rights. Email:, website

Department for Combating Economic Crimes. The main tasks of the OBEP are checking the work of companies and their partners, as well as monitoring the activities of small businesses. You need to contact if you are caught by scammers. Site address: mvd.rf.

Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights. This federal public organization is directly involved in consumer protection and monitors the observance of their rights.

Prosecutor’s Office. This supervisory body is entrusted with the functions of overseeing the observance of the rule of law by all state and non-state actors. Website:


How to distinguish crooks from bona fide sellers? Fraudsters create left-wing online store sites that are almost indistinguishable from real ones for an untrained person. In order not to get caught by unscrupulous traders, experts advise, first of all, to be careful with the choice of the site, as well as with the offers with very low prices.

The price cannot be 40% or more below the market price, lawyers say. Of course, Black Fridays and traditional large-scale sales take place, when discounts on individual products can reach 70%, but such events happen a couple of times a year.

Law enforcement agencies have drawn up a special memo for citizens, it says so: fraudulent sites are often executed in the style (similar logo, name, color scheme) of a well-known brand. What should be alarming? Lack of contact information and information about the seller, excessive persistence of employees and managers, inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the description of goods. In general, sloppiness and aggressive behavior.


There are no general rules for drawing up such documents, but the document must necessarily contain:

  • the name of the organization you are complaining about (in this case, the name of the online store);
  • organization address (you can specify the website of the online store);
  • your data (full name, address, contact phone number);
  • the text must be written in the correct form, without emotions and obscene expressions, as fully as possible describe all the circumstances of the problem;
  • date of the complaint and signature.

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Expert Sergey Klyuev answers readers’ questions

– Can I return an item if I just don’t like it?

– Yes, and at any time. The main thing is not to use the thing. To be accepted back, it must look the same as before the sale.


– I came across a substandard product. Can I prove that it’s not my fault?

– If the TV burned out after the first start, you have every right to refuse the item. To find out whose fault the breakdown occurred, the seller can order a quality examination at his own expense. If the issue is not decided in your favor, the results can be challenged in court.


– What if there is no information about the warranty at all?

– If a guarantee is not indicated on the product or in the documents to it, it is automatically established by law – 2 years from the date of purchase.


– The product does not look like what I ordered. Can it be returned?

– Any discrepancy with the information provided by the seller is a reason for a return. For example, a different color of a sweater or “waterproof” boots that got wet after a light rain.

Inna Deleva.


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