Oct 11, 2021
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We have nothing to talk about with Ukraine

Photo: Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev

Photo: Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev (Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS)

More recently, this summer, an article was published Vladimir Putin “On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians.” And now, after only a couple of months, his deputy in the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev again turned to the Ukrainian topic, writing his article. At the same time, Medvedev’s article turned out to be even more interesting and sharper than Putin’s.

But why are our statesmen frequenting articles about the Square? In the West, out of habit, Medvedev is considered practically his own, Europhile. And in Russia, some of them, for old memory, call it “an iPhone”, however, of course, he has long been “not Dimon”. Perhaps it will be easier for the West to receive a simple “message” from him that the Kremlin is not going to build relations with the current authorities in Kiev. He considers it unproductive and even harmful for himself.

Dmitry Anatolyevich writes about this in his article published on Monday in the Kommersant newspaper.

Of course, the article is not so simple. It is also accompanied by a kind of epigraph in the form of a Ukrainian proverb: “A goat was struggling with a wolf, only the skin of a goat was growing.” But who is the goat and who is the wolf? There is no complete clarity on this issue. However, one “goat” has gathered in Moscow.

Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Zharikhin suggests that there may be a large number of versions about the appearance of the article:

– I have this version: this is a big hello Victoria Nuland on the occasion of her arrival in Russia. I do not exclude that Nuland was so persistently trying to get out of our counter-sanctions to obtain a Russian visa in order to throw her weight on the scales of those who advocate that Putin’s meeting with Zelensky… We see frenzied propaganda for this possible meeting in Ukraine. But there are also some voices in Russia that insist: “Why not meet? Why not to talk?”.

Medvedev, by the way, occupies approximately the same position in the diplomatic table of ranks as Nuland. He says in his article: “If you, Vika, are going only to arrange a meeting between Putin and a young talent, then you wasted so much effort crawling out of the sanctions measures.”

“SP”: – Do you think that you spent a lot of energy? We have something they say and write the opposite, that on the contrary, they quickly allowed her, almost from the fly!

– Not right away. Allowed on a reciprocal basis. After the Americans removed the deputy from the sanctions. Head of the Department of Arms Limitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Konstantin Vorontsov

It seems to me that the genre of the article presupposes extensiveness, especially in the Kommersant newspaper. The text cannot be short. Therefore, the article is informative, but its idea can actually be limited to one phrase: “There is no point in meeting this absolutely dependent person.” Point. Everything else is like a rationale that everyone knows and understands well. They are for those who are not in the subject and are more concerned about the success of the Russian football team in the qualifying matches of the world championships. For them, what is the matter is explained.

Explained quite frankly by the way, I liked it. Straight, without equivocation. In simple terms, they say, the subject is not drawn to meet with serious people. With all his deeds over the past two years, he showed it.

We had a struggle within the country about this. From the very beginning, only when conversations began about a possible meeting, I opposed it. I am sure that no matter what compromise topic was agreed upon, upon leaving the hall the young talent, as if nothing had happened, would lie that “we were discussing Donbass and Crimea”.

“SP”: – Russia would immediately become not a mediator, but a subject of negotiations on this topic. And Putin was pushed into this all the time?

– Only in this way would Ukraine be able to withdraw from the Minsk agreements formally, preserving at least the appearance of a person. Because in reality, she has long been out of them. Kiev needs this in order not to give cause for criticism to European countries, which are already “exhausted by the narzan” of sanctions. The West wants not to abandon them. If Ukraine withdraws from the Minsk agreements, it will be told: “What are you doing!” Therefore, everything was done to arrange a provocation for Russia with a meeting.

Another thing is that we also have those willing to “meet” the presidents. Once again, play with peacefulness: “The people are not to blame, the people are good! Just bad leadership, but you have to meet with him. ” We love the Ukrainian people very much, who “by misunderstanding”, 73% of the votes, chose the young talent for their presidency.

But these conversations justify the movement towards the surrender of positions in the Donbass. In Crimea, even with all the desire of our “near-block” comrades, there was no legal opportunity to surrender their positions.

“SP”: – Do you think the article is more intended for an internal or external audience?

– From one side to the inside. But this is also a summary of Nuland’s answer: “If you are going only with an invitation to Putin to meet with Zelensky, then you should not bother your legs. There is no need to expose yourself in vain to catch some of our Russian strain of coronavirus … “.

Ukraine, according to Dmitry Medvedev, is in search of its own identity. They make up their own history there. And the Ukrainian top officials are people who do not have any stable self-identification. Who are they? What gods do they pray to besides gold? Who do the Ukrainians feel like they are? Europeans? Russians? Tatars? Hungarians? Karaites? Jews?

The current president of this exhausted country has certain ethnic roots – a statement unexpected for a politician of this magnitude, not entirely politically correct. All my life I spoke Russian, and when it was required I learned Ukrainian MOV well. If only MOV, at some point, switched over, changing his political and moral orientation.

He worked in Russia, reprimanded Dmitry Anatolyevich Vladimir Alekseevich and earned normally. Gave up my identity. He began to earnestly serve the most rabid nationalist forces in Ukraine.

Chief Political Advisor to the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, D.I. n. Vyacheslav Tetyokin believes that the Russian response to Ukraine, to put it mildly, is almost thirty years late:

– It was necessary to take care of relations with this country much earlier – after the destruction of the Soviet Union. Even then, it was worth considering how to build relations with their closest neighbors, primarily with Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Beginning with Yeltsinending with Putin and Medvedev, Ukraine, if we speak in lofty scientific terms, “wasted”. In those years, the Americans carefully, consistently, long-term, deliberately invested a lot of money in it. They built a system of their clients in Ukraine: public organizations, various research centers, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television studios, YouTube channels. We have built a gigantic network for processing public opinion in Ukraine.

And at this time, all the interest of the Russian leadership focused exclusively on the pipe. It is significant that for many years Mr. Chernomyrdin… The former prime minister, but most importantly, the former head of Gazprom is a 100% gas worker. That is, Russian foreign policy served the interests of gas exporters through Ukraine. Everything was limited to this. Some kind of intercourse was being decided, but the Russian elite did not care about the people of Ukraine. In one direction gas flows through the pipe, in the opposite direction oil and gas dollars flow into the pockets of these people. Everything! They were not interested in anything else: what the Ukrainians think, what the West is doing and what needs to be opposed to it – they were not even in their thoughts. When relations worsened to the extreme, they remembered.

And so a people’s revolution took place in Crimea. I arrived in Crimea on the night of the events in February 2014. People said: “Russia did not play the slightest role.” It was only later that “polite people” appeared who consolidated the demonstration of the popular masses. To say that “the great Putin” did everything is categorically wrong. Then Donbass was almost missed. If not for selfless people, including Strelkova, and Donbass would have fallen into the hands of the Banderevites. Only now did an epiphany come.

“SP”: – But Dmitry Medvedev is a high-level statesman. Surely the article is agreed. Maybe some actions will follow?

– Of course, the article has been agreed. He was allowed to publish such an article. But I would be wary of considering the article as an application for leadership. There are other leaders there, much more competent than Mr Medvedev.

SP: – Medvedev is still considered a pro-Western politician. Although, if you think about it, everyone in our leadership loves the West, I don’t remember the “pro-Eastern” politicians.

– The main thing is that they are pro-Russian. We are not interested in either pro-Western or pro-Eastern. Although doom Muammar Gaddafi – on the conscience of Medvedev. The situation in North Africa could have developed quite differently, so that Mr. Medvedev has a stigma in the cannon. He has betrayed one of our most trusted allies.

“SP”: – Medvedev expresses himself in relation to Zelensky very frankly: “One can only imagine how disgusting he was to commit such a moral” somersault-mortale “. This is reminiscent of the crazy situation when representatives of the Jewish intelligentsia in Nazi Germany, for ideological reasons, would be asked to serve in the SS. “

– Here he reflected the real state of affairs. Bandera are direct descendants of fascist punishers, the comparison is quite logical and legitimate.

Another thing is that from a purely pro-Western politician he suddenly rushed in the opposite direction. After all, everything that the Americans liked was also liked by Mr. Medvedev. Too fast a turn to be believed. This looks like opportunistic considerations.

And with this article, Mr. Medvedev wants to remind of himself as a great politician: he has not gone anywhere, nearby, has a state mind and protects national interests. Well at least they finally say it. But words that are not backed up by actions are an empty shake of air.

“SP”: – Our propagandists like Solovyov have been and are doing that destroying our relations with Ukraine. These are evenings of hate.

Gennady Zyuganov he repeatedly said: “Stop, oholonite, you cannot drive chernukha in such quantities! Find something positive. ” Nothing positive.

And now our relationship has reached the limit. Ukraine has become a colony of the West. And this means the prospect of deploying a NATO military contingent on the territory of Ukraine. Then the flight time, both in the case of the Baltics against Leningrad, and with Ukraine against the southern regions of Russia, is reduced to minutes.

The buildup of military factors through Ukraine prompted the use of such a language. And of course, the growing aggressiveness on the part of the Kiev leadership, the Bandera supporters, finally made them see their light.

But if you have seen the light, you have to go further, because the fraternal relations of the inhabitants of a number of regions of Ukraine to Russia have not gone anywhere: Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye regions are still basically pro-Russian. It does not require extraordinary efforts to turn the tide of events so that at least the east of Ukraine joins Donetsk and Luhansk. But this must be done. You need to invest in this. To orient state departments towards this: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, economic ministries should all work in the same direction. They exist in order to defend state and national interests.

It is necessary to turn the east of Ukraine from a staging area for an attack on Russia into a territory for the restoration of historically friendly relations with this fraternal country …

Here are just another summary in Medvedev’s article. Dmitry Anatolyevich on the eternal and main question “what to do?” replies: “Nothing.” Wait. Wait for the appearance of a sane leadership in Ukraine, which is aimed not at total confrontation with Russia on the brink of war, not at organizing the moronic “Crimean platforms” created to fool the country’s population, but at building equal and mutually beneficial relations with Russia. Russia, they say, knows how to wait. We are, they say, patient people. Of course, when you move from one leadership chair to another, you can wait. But some are sometimes bombed and fired upon.

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