Dec 31, 2020
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We don’t meet anyone by chance: 3 faces of unearthly connection

We don't meet anyone by chance: 3 faces of unearthly connection

Many people believe that there are no accidents in the world around us. This is not quite so, but experts in the field of bioenergy believe that most of the fateful meetings are ordered from above. They talked about the three main types of karmic relationships.

Karmic connections can be both positive and negative. Earlier, experts said that they would get rid of them. Remember that in the distance, not all deeds of fate have a positive effect on our location. At times, we need to worry about some problems due to meeting with the found people. This is due to the presence of karmic knots.

Probably, we have deviated from the given course, which we have chosen ourselves or which the universe has found for us. Most people come to this world with a purpose or purpose. When someone deviates from the course, the Universe longs to return everything to normal.

Actually, at such a moment, a majestic person comes with whom we create an unearthly, higher connection. It may be someone who is very close – someone who will stay with us forever. At times, unfortunately, it is the one who changes us and immediately disappears. Such an appearance of relationships is met very fractionally, but it is almost impossible to say accurately that it was a connection that guided us on the true path. Your intuition can probably do it.

The universe is very kind to those who are kind to others. The laws of karma have been in effect for centuries and everywhere, so much so that it is simply impossible to circumvent them. It is permissible that your karma is not tainted or completely irreproachable. You have some kind of worldly goal – good, clear, and does not interfere with anyone’s life.

Such good intentions of the centuries are tracked by the longest forces. If something doesn’t work out for us, the Universe sends us a person who, without realizing it, becomes an instrument in the hands of fate. You can be as if the one who makes someone’s life more important, and so kind a dreamer who goes to his target and asks for the longest strength for help. Actually, therefore, we often find love when we dream about it, or very in time we meet a person who helps us in something.

From time to time we meet some very nice people with our eyes literally for a second, and this fleeting connection turns out to be so vivid that it remains in our memory forever or for a very long time.

Such meetings are needed in order to remind us of something incredibly important – about miracles that happen every day, but which we do not notice. At such moments, people think about high things.

It will be fractional that people have been living a friend with a friend for countless years, but they do not even suspect about the presence of a karmic connection. An artless numerological calculation by date of birth will help to determine it. It is likely that you have met in past lives and will continue to do so endlessly.

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