Feb 16, 2021
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We connected the shores. In the Samara region, the sliding of the bridge over the Sok is completed

It was possible to complete work on one of the most important stages of construction almost a year ahead of schedule thanks to the well-coordinated work of the regional team led by Governor Dmitry Azarov… The region ensured high-quality implementation of the project and secured the allocation of additional funds at the federal level.

At a shock pace

Reconstruction of a bridge crossing, which is strategic for the region, at the exit from Samara to the Volzhsky – Kurumoch – Ural highway is being carried out according to the Safe and High-Quality Roads National Project, initiated by the President of the country Vladimir Putin. The construction of a new bridge parallel to the existing one began in December 2019 and was to be completed no earlier than mid-2022. At the moment, the contractor has picked up the pace that will allow the facility to be completed ahead of schedule.

The installation of the superstructure completed the most time consuming part of the project. The progress of work on connecting the two banks of the river was monitored by the head of the region.

“Today is a historic day – the thrusting of the structure has been completed, and in fact, two banks of the Sok River have connected,” noted Dmitry Azarov. “The project for the construction of the bridge, which the residents of our region have been waiting for for decades, is acquiring completely realistic dates for its implementation.”

The overall readiness of the bridge is over 55%, and, according to the forecasts of the regional Ministry of Transport, by the beginning of March the object will be completed by 65%. At the moment, the bridge builders have started preparing the future roadway for asphalting and improvement. At the same time, the reconstruction of the old bridge is under way – this is another feature of the Soksky bridge crossing.

There will be no traffic jams

After the commissioning of the facility, the road section will expand to four lanes, which will relieve the traffic from the Krasnoglinskoye highway to the regional and federal road network.

“We have a planned launch of the bridge, as I said earlier, this is 2022. But I am absolutely sure that we will open traffic on the bridge in 2021. I really hope we can handle it this summer. This will be a completely different speed of movement, no traffic jams, which means that accessibility will increase, and the entire region will develop faster. I am very pleased that we are at an outstripping pace, as we intended, together with the inhabitants of the region, we are implementing our plans and solving the most long-standing problems. On the example of the Soksky Bridge, we see how this happens, “Dmitry Azarov stressed.

In order to commission the facility earlier than planned, additional funding was requested from the federal budget – about 750 million rubles. This will open up working traffic on the new part of the bridge in July 2021. The old part will be temporarily closed for reconstruction. A full-fledged movement in case of additional federal funding is planned to be launched by September.

The agreement that additional funds will be allocated was reached at the meeting of Dmitry Azarov with Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Vitaly Savelyev.

“The federal center has supported the acceleration of construction. If additional funds are allocated, we will not let you down. The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is counting on the Samara region, ”Dmitry Azarov emphasized.

It is important that the contractor carries out all the necessary work forcefully, in addition, the necessary metal structures have been purchased in advance.

“I would like to thank the contractor for the efficient organization of work and thoughtfulness of actions. If we had not acted so promptly, now we would have received a rise in the cost of construction, proceeding from the fact that the cost of metal structures has increased. Acting ahead, acting like a boss, treating us as our own, our own, helped us avoid this situation, ”the governor summed up.

The head of the region stressed that it is precisely such a prudent approach that should be applied to all facilities. The governor also set the regional minister of transport, Ivan Pivkin, a task to quickly work with the relevant departments of the Ministry of Transport of Russia all the instructions that were given at the meeting with the head of the department Vitaly Savelyev.

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