Apr 7, 2021
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We arrange a car purchase online

We arrange a car purchase online

Soon, motorists will be able to conclude and terminate contracts for the purchase and sale of used cars using a digital signature on the State Service website.

The corresponding order of the Ministry of Digital Industry will start working on May 1, 2021. It seems that the dream of those who hate long queues at the offices, especially the registering ones, is coming true. Now users of the “Gosuslugi” portal will be able to sign documents using an electronic signature. How to make it – this special signature is a separate topic. But if you have it, then you can send the documents signed by it to the traffic police for registration by e-mail.

Of course, according to Art. 160 of the Civil Code, and today you can conduct online transactions. But without the legal opportunity to use the “State Service” website for the sale and purchase of a used car, individuals preferred to draw up all documents exclusively at a meeting.

Now it will be possible in some cases to do without personal contact. But we must remember that neither a legal entity nor an official dealer will be able to act as a party to the transaction. After all, only an individual can open a personal account on the State Services portal.

So how can the new e-service help? The main thing is that when checking the owner of the car on the website of “State Service” you will be able to exclude many risks of data fraud.

As a seller, you will need to collect a complete set of documents for the vehicle. For the transaction, you will need a vehicle passport (PTS), a registration certificate (STS), an OSAGO policy (if any) in the name of the old owner.

Then you will need to fill out and submit an application on the “Gosuslugi” portal. You will need to decide on the state numbers of the car – keep them with you or sell them with the car. In the first case, you will need to write a corresponding statement.

It is important that now it will be easier to complete a deal through the Gosuslugi portal compared to the usual way. You do not have to enter manually, in bad handwriting, important data about the seller and the buyer, about the car. This data does not need to be printed out, and then stored somewhere in a paper contract.

Now all information on the site will be loaded automatically from user accounts – participants in the transaction. You will need to request an electronic check yourself for the presence of bans, encumbrances on the car, for its possible being in bail and wanted. After the checks, all your documents are eventually certified with an electronic signature.

Of course, you won’t be able to do everything exclusively online, one way or another you will need to inspect the used car, you will need to physically inspect and check the documents of the car owner himself and the documents for the car.

The risk of personal data leakage and electronic signature forgery is also not excluded. Experts say today that scammers can easily take advantage of this and, for example, sell a car without the knowledge of the owner. But practice will adjust the application of the new rules.

– When conducting a transaction online, buyers get more opportunities to check the cleanliness of the car. After all, the service will have access to all the personal data of motorists, which are necessary when registering on the portal. This will allow you to automatically check whether any restrictions have been imposed on the car, for example, due to unpaid alimony, fines or other debts, – comments the owner of the company for the selection of used cars Yuri Sudeikin.

Evgeny Alexandrov.


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