Feb 21, 2021
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We are on the UN blacklist, like everyone who does not accept homosexuality

The UN Human Rights Office collects the names of everyone who opposes the LGBT program in any way.

Politicians, religious leaders and organizations from around the world that defend life and family are likely to be blacklisted by the UN Human Rights Office. The new drastic measure could be used to sanction family defenders and attribute potential terrorist attacks to them.

Who are the main actors who claim that LGBT human rights defenders are promoting the so-called “gender ideology”?

– these words are contained in the appeal of the UN Human Rights Office, published last month, mainly addressed to LGBT groups.

In a broadly worded proposal, the UN Human Rights Office calls for examples of “public statements or statements by political and / or religious leaders” that challenge LGBT rights.

“What are their main arguments?” Asks the UN Human Rights Office. “Have they been effective in abusing the human rights of the LGBT community? Have their strategies directly or indirectly affected the human rights of women and girls?” It adds.

The appeal from the UN Human Rights Office names the defenders of life and family who dispute “gender ideology” as conspiracy theorists. By default, it believes that “gender theory” is not an ideology, but an indisputable truth. The organization claims that gender and gender “representations” are “socially constructed”.

Without questioning the “truth” of gender theory, the UN Human Rights Office requires details of the “narratives” of pro-life and family groups that oppose gender ideology. These narratives, the structure claims, “are used to incite violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and their particular impact on sexual and reproductive rights”.

The UN Human Rights Office pays particular attention to the religions of pro-life and family groups. It asks for any “examples where gender has been used in religious narratives or narratives about traditions, traditional values ​​or family protection” – as opposed to new laws and policies regarding LGBT people.

Also, the UN Human Rights Office requests information on the protection of freedom of religion, belief or conscience that will restrict “the enjoyment of human rights (including sexual and reproductive rights) among the LGBT community”. The UN Human Rights Office even calls conscientious objection simply “a figure of speech” rather than a fundamental human right to defend.

The material provided to the UN Human Rights Office will be used in the next report of the UN independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The UN “LGBT king” appears to be adopting the approach of the Southern Poverty Law Center, creating a list of “hate groups.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate List” is known to have been used by domestic terrorist Floyd Corkins in a 2015 armed attack on the Family Research Council. The use of such “hate lists” has been widely criticized.

The Democrats have introduced the corresponding bill in the United States. Last year, Congress created a similar international list of proponents called the “Respect for All Act,” which sanctions all foreigners who oppose LGBT rights.

This is not the first attempt by a UN LGBT expert to strike a blow at religion. In a 2019 report, he called on states to “take decisive action” against religious leaders who oppose LGBT rights.

Stefano Gennarini is Vice President for Legal Research at the Center for Family and Human Rights.

Stefano Gennarini

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