Sep 7, 2021
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“We are not sheep”

At the ceremony of presenting state and government awards, Maria Shukshina said that Russia was struck by a virus of incivility. In addition, according to the actress, one of the main problems in the country has become “a social experiment that pits people against each other.” But are we “sheep, obediently going into the abyss”? On the air of Constantinople, Olga Budina and Eldar Kasayev, together with Yuri Pronko, continued the topic, explaining what Shukshina did not have time to say in her resonant speech.

The next release of the program “Constantinople. Main” observer Yuri Pronko started with this resonant statement. He noted that Maria Shukshina was able to identify the key problems that are increasingly being observed in Russia.

I thank you for the award, but in order to proudly wear this medal on your chest for services to the Fatherland, you need to talk about the Fatherland, and tell the truth. And the truth is we are in trouble. And in a sphere close to me – in culture. And the virus of lack of culture is much more dangerous than the fashionable coronavirus today. It is more dangerous in that no one dies from him, but in an invisible way he mows entire generations. No state, no civilization, no empire can stand without a spiritual and moral foundation,

– said the actress, adding that the social experiment taking place in the country is “visible to the naked eye”, people begin to hate each other. And you need to understand that modern wars are not fought with guns and missiles, they are all in the media, science, education, culture, medicine. “And no one is trying to understand that this is a deliberate sabotage to dehumanize and divide people,” she concluded.

Sabotage exists: we are deliberately dehumanized

The topic that Shukshina raised in her speech, and the actress mentioned not only cultural problems, but also reminded that people are beginning to hate each other because of masks, because of vaccines, and soon because of QR codes. Yuri Pronko offered to discuss the actress in the studio of Constantinople Olga Budina and publicist, orientalist Eldar Kasaev

Yuri Pronko: Olga, what do you think, maybe your colleague is not just jerking, but aggravating, going to ram? And all this in the presence of the prime minister, high officials, under the cameras. Such a statement should be at least heard by the authorities. Although I highly doubt this will happen.

How accurately did Mary represent the problem that exists?

Olga Budina: I want to congratulate Maria Vasilievna on this well-deserved award. I am very glad that she received such a high rating. Once again, we saw that the government hears us.

– You want to say that that tough position, which, by the way, was repeatedly expressed by Shukshina in Constantinople, was heard?

ABOUT.: I would like to confirm what Maria is saying. This sabotage really exists. This is not conspiracy theories and not some green men scare someone. This is truly purposeful dehumanization, and it happens in two ways.

The first method is a whip, this is social distance, forced vaccination, interethnic strife, parasitic products, economic pressure, unemployment, informational extremism, psychotronic weapons. A sense of fear and disunity is deliberately introduced into society, because in this case, you can do whatever you want with a person.

The second method of dehumanization is alcohol and tobacco companies, these are drugs, tolerance, unconventional relationships, the imposition of abortions, the introduction of surrogacy, contraception, Internet addiction, gambling addiction.

There is an imperceptible change in a person’s consciousness, he is dehumanized through pleasure, through permissiveness and some competition with God in his own steepness. The purpose of such manipulations is to destroy a person’s self-consciousness, his worldview and change the civilizational basis of society.

The Committee for the Protection of National Interests conducted a number of investigations, in which it established who and how many of the foreign interested parties allocated to the influence on the legislative and judicial system of our country. The total amount of funding is in the billions of rubles.

Among the goals of projects for which foreign stakeholders, including organizations recognized as undesirable in Russia, have allocated funding, are: the implementation of local regional and national reforms, the fight against legal barriers in the field of “human rights”, changes in our legislation for the sake of the community of perverts, the introduction of Western legal norms in Russia, the influence on domestic policy through the formation of a network of contacts of persons making managerial decisions, and so on.

I invite our relevant authorities to investigate this information, which is in the public domain, at the state level, to find out how true it is, and to obtain the necessary explanations in this regard in order to understand what is happening in our home, in our country.

Even cookies from the State Department are not needed: we are depriving ourselves of the future

– I agree with the statement of the question, this is the work of special services. We focus on external influence on the situation inside the country. However, I will reverse the situation. There is no need to receive any cookies from the State Department, it is enough to turn on any federal channel in order to see the chernukha on a daily basis, in order to hear what is being carried from the screen, including the so-called cultural figures.

Do you remember the provocation at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, when it is not clear which character, together with Ksenia Sobchak, portrayed something indecent? And now it comes in a stream. You are talking about external influence, but what about the internal one?

– The fact is that this money also goes to the formation of destructive content. And then we see the absence of creative upbringing in all educational institutions, we see the inculcation of the cult of immoral behavior, the penetration of destructive models of behavior into the lives of our children. Our children are deprived of normal knowledge, because secondary and higher education has collapsed.

We have been deprived of the image of the future we are building. We stopped building communism, but a new goal has not been formulated. Therefore, most of our fellow citizens do not have creative goals and meaning in life. And we need to correct this.

No need to look for external enemies, we are not sheep, obediently going into the abyss

– Maria Shukshina in the studio of Constantinople told me that she no longer shakes hands with many cultural figures. When I asked if she was afraid of becoming an outcast, she replied: “I’m not afraid.”

Eldar, how do you perceive what Maria Vasilievna said during the award ceremony, and will there be a reaction from those who determine the policy in our country.

Eldar Kasaev: Let’s put it on the shelves. Culture should be based on morality. And morality should be based on faith in God. And not a ritual belief in God, but a sincere one.

I always want to ask a question: what prevents us from developing spiritually? After all, the worse the external conditions, the easier it is to experience unconditional love. If you learn to be courageous, to be sincere with people, then this is love.

I will support Olga that Russia needs a national idea. We need an ideology with the priority of love and morality. Faith in God is the foundation and guarantor of morality, if a person does not believe, he cannot be moral, he will not observe principles that, perhaps, are not spelled out in the laws, but proceed from the feeling that we are brothers and sisters.

Today we see that such an ideology is unprofitable for the state, because it is necessary to observe, set an example to other citizens. But in fact, we are not quite ripe to live according to moral laws, to be responsible to others.

Why is this happening? Humanity is developing in stages. Today we see the basest instincts being sold. What, they haven’t been on sale before? Also sold. I want to turn to people and tell them: we are used to looking for external enemies or enemies in power that push us to fall. But what are we ourselves, completely weak-willed sheep who obediently go into the abyss? Why not start with yourself – not envy your neighbor, not throwing trash, not breaking the rules?

– But it’s difficult, you have to work on yourself. But now I want to return to culture. Olga, you, like Maria, know the state of affairs in the field of culture. I often hear from your colleagues and critics that the artist is not understood, but he “sees it this way.” And when he, I will not give his last name, is caught by the hand, then we hear that this “bloody regime” wets him. At the same time, the creator before that felt at ease, enjoyed all the benefits, subsidies, and so on. What is this compromise, who and with whom?

ABOUT.: You have touched upon a very important topic. Today we understand that the institution of film criticism, theater criticism is almost destroyed. I still found him when I just started my profession.

Today, film critics, with whom it was very interesting to talk, who suggested something to me, who could really suggest something to the director himself, how to improve his future film or future performance, were left without work. Now everything is in the hands of businessmen, and therefore all critical articles, all reviews are, of course, paid publications.

– Is it a business now?

ABOUT.: Of course. It is simply impossible to find any unpaid article today. And they just shape the taste of the audience. But there are still independent resources where you can see real criticism of those “masterpieces” that are offered to us and our children.

We know that it is cinema that is called upon to form the consciousness, moral values ​​of citizens and establish the norms by which society should live. Today this area needs to be completely reformed.

The situation can be changed, but no one will lead us by the handle to happiness.

– Eldar, are we doomed to trade in all this meanness, lower-plinth clips and so on? It is clear that the prime cost here is not high, and the resonance is great … I agree if you appeal to the lofty and moral, but other tendencies are observed in society. Sometimes I get the impression that the situation cannot be changed.

E.K .: Can change. The most devoted spectators of Constantinople remember that I used to deal with economic issues. But in recent years I have been actively engaged in literary creativity, journalism, began to write about love, faith and morality. I felt that without this we would not survive. Economics, politics and diplomacy must be based on morality. If there are no such concepts as honor, dignity and conscience, we will perish.

As Maria Shukshina said, the lack of culture virus is much more dangerous than the coronavirus. Let me explain why this is so. The coronavirus destroys the body of one person, and the virus of lack of culture destroys the souls of many people. It is necessary to understand that man is, first of all, the soul that God breathed into him.

And when the so-called “TikTok” figures, the current representatives of show business spit in our souls with their creativity, this is a much greater crime, for example, than a conventional fight between a Tajik and an Uzbek on the street, because it is moral. But if I offer articles about love and morality to various publications, they tell me: this is not a format, it will not sell, people do not need it.

– Of course, but about the wedding of one character, which was recently, we heard in the news of all business radio stations, because this is a rating, they listen to it. And editors don’t see it as an imposition.

E.K .: Wars in the information field have always been going on, and the pure and light in the media makes its way with great difficulty, because it affects people, forcing them to change. Each person must take care of his own soul, no one will lead us by the hand to happiness.

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Man is a soul, a soul is morality. Morality is a sense of unity.

Why are dubious projects for sale in culture? Because cultural figures have no moral goal. Their goal is to realistically portray modernity, and they consider it art. And I believe that art is not just a realistic display, it is movement forward. This is an indicator of where we should go, and the educational moment should always be present. An artist must feel the nerve of modernity and show us where to go in order to become different. This, from my point of view, is the criterion of art. Now we do not see art, we see show business.

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