Oct 15, 2021
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“We are dying out, we are dying out”: Population decline in Russia beats last year’s records

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov / TASS

At the end of 2020, the natural population decline (excess of the number of deaths over the number of births) in Russia more than doubled compared to 2019: from 316.2 thousand to 688.7 thousand people. This figure has become the maximum since the natural decline in the population of our country in 2005 amounted to 846.6 thousand people.

In fact, in just one year, we lost the population of an entire city, but this fact at the highest government level did not agitate anyone. None of the officials then beat the bells and sprinkled ashes on their heads. Perhaps because, formally, according to the results of last year, the population of Russia in 2020 formally decreased by only slightly more than half a million people, to 146.17 million people due to the influx of migrants.

Although it would be worth it, because the latest demographic data is not just becoming more frightening, but causing a real horror.

Judge for yourself. According to the latest information from Rosstat, the natural population decline in Russia for the period from January to August 2021 already exceeded the results of the same period last year by 71.6% – 595.3 thousand people are now against 346.9 thousand people then. Thus, the number of the resident population of the Russian Federation as of August 1, 2021 fell to 145.8 million people.

Why are we dying out at such a wildly progressive rate?

Is all this really the result of the raging coronavirus, for the fourth time already covering our country with its head?

But then it turns out that the figures of official statistics, to put it mildly, do not reflect the whole picture.

And how can this be if there are several advanced vaccines in the country at once, equally effective, according to the developers, against any strain of this infection? How can this be explained if in our country, as of October 11, more than 45 million people have already been fully vaccinated, and at least 49.5 million have received at least the first component?

Could it be something else here?

– The reason for this state of affairs, in my opinion, is only one – the state is stubbornly fighting over any issues of politics and economics, but not the health of its citizens, – he outlined his vision of the situation in an interview with SP Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development Yuri Krupnov… – Last year, due to all sorts of optimizations, we got a barely living healthcare system at the output, which stubbornly does not want to readjust in terms of its focus on increasing the systemic healthy immunity of the country’s population. Let me emphasize – not artificial, by means of inoculation, but natural.

In this regard, all of our great recent medical decisions, from vaccinations to new drugs and treatment procedures, are inadequate to the problem at hand. Figuratively speaking, in our living room, water gushes from the ceiling in a wild stream, and in the next room we glue the wallpaper and put out the light in the apartment so that we cannot see this very hole in the dark. Any attempts to blame the worsening mortality situation on some terrible new strains of coronavirus – “Indian”, “deltas” and so on – nothing more than keeping a good mine in case of a bad game. In my opinion, the root of the problem is not in the virus, the root of the problem is in sociality.

“SP”: – What do you mean?

– From the point of view of the organization of digital social control, the organization, in fact, of surveillance of people through the system of QR codes, coercion, the introduction of lockdowns, everything is fine with our state, but from the point of view of its focus on basic health issues, I believe it is completely destroyed. You can talk about this endlessly, but there is one wonderful, I think, marker, which clearly confirms all this, as they say, there is nowhere better.

Only recently, in Russia, the wearing of gloves was canceled, which, by and large, are absolutely pointless and even somewhere harmful. Forcing the whole country to wear gloves is not so much a question of even some commercial component as a reason for the state to say “you see, we did everything we could, but stubborn people are doing everything wrong, therefore they are dying from a terrible virus like flies “.

“SP”: – But the death rate from the coronavirus is indeed, according to official data, in great …

– In general, in my opinion, mortality rates from coronavirus, to put it mildly, are greatly overestimated, – he shared his point of view on the problem professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, demographer, doctor of medical sciences Igor Gundarov… – A court in Portugal, for example, recently revealed a hundredfold additions to the history of the deaths from the coronavirus recorded in this country. But the approach to this in other countries of the world, I assure you, is no different from the Portuguese.

“SP”: – Then why do we have new records for natural population decline?

– There is no doubt that there is some role of coronavirus infection in this, as well as the untimely provision of medical care due to the same SARS-CoV-2. However, almost 90% of deaths in Russia, according to our research, are explained not by these factors, but by the social atmosphere in society.

After all, she has recently been filled not with optimism and happiness, but with pessimism and despondency. Remember, in the early 90s of the last century, in a dashing, troubled time, we received a 1.5-fold increase in mortality from all causes at once, having lost about 15 million people in total during this period. And all because melancholy and hopelessness reigned in society – we lost our Motherland, we are worthless “scoops”, we are not needed by the advanced Western civilization.

Now, in essence, the same is happening. The so-called moral statistics that have recently emerged in our country testifies to the fact that we now have a sharp increase in suicides, murders, divorces, manifestations of extremism, mass shootings in schools out of hopelessness, and all over the world. These are all material traces determined by the non-material social atmosphere.

The fear of death is spreading all over the world. Death is everywhere – dying writhing in convulsions, lines of hearses with coffins, overflowing morgues. Masks, gloves, one wave, second, third, fourth, lockdowns, isolation. The whole world fell ill with what I call it, aggressive-depressive syndrome. The society is angry from hopelessness and hopelessly angry. How else, if “the world will never be the same”, “now we will always walk in masks and gloves” and so on?

Such an atmosphere dramatically undermines the reserve forces of the body so that people begin to die en masse from absolutely any nosology. Simply put, people are morally exhausted to such an extent that any virus or bacterium that has not done any harm to this day, entering the body, becomes a lethal agent for it.

“Considering that Russia is, for a minute, the world leader in excess mortality,” summed up Yuri Krupnov, “the government should urgently meet on this matter every single day. But this, as we can see, is not happening, and meanwhile, both in terms of the level of natural population decline and the birth rate, Russia has felt the bottom. But not in the sense that now we will start to rebound from it, but in the fact that there is nowhere worse.

In fact, we are now in the stage of open accelerated extinction. God forbid, half of the current number will remain at such a rate by the end of the century. This is because our society is based on a family of one and a half children, but instead of trying to correct this moment, our state is taking completely abstract steps like replacing indicators in national projects on demography in the direction of avoiding its responsibility.

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