Jan 27, 2021
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“We are against illegal actions in support of Navalny, Sevastopol has always supported a strong Russia”

“What happened a few days ago in the hero city of Sevastopol reminded me of the events of the past 7 years ago and was for me a“ ghost of the Maidan ”. At that time, we also saw a group of people from several dozen participants, some were not even the indigenous inhabitants of the city, who, on behalf of the Sevastopol residents, tried to say: “Our path is European integration and our hero is Bandera“. This ridiculous minority, in the form of radical and “paid” social activists, tried to make a “picture” of popular opinion in the region, and corrupt journalists covered in the light of “ordered” disinformation false facts about the mood in our city commissioned by radicals from Kiev.

Fortunately, our hometown is unfavorable – for the introduction of Western propaganda, it is a hero city with citizens who know their history and the exploits of their ancestors. Our residents did not share the values ​​imposed on them from Kiev and, moreover, boldly opposed this in 2014.

Then we said: “No to Maidan, we are going home!” Today we are against illegal actions in support of Navalny, Sevastopol has always supported a strong Russia.

I took an active part in the events of the Russian Spring, and this time, I had the opportunity to talk with the participants in the illegal rally. What I would like to say about this: there were 20-30 people, the overwhelming majority of them are children of 15-19 years old, all with mobile phones, they constantly broadcast live on social networks, there are adult coordinators: the main ones are not suitable, they are constantly filming! In general, I am surprised that such people were found in our glorious city, but for children it is fun!

There were several adult representatives, for example: one man could not pay for a communal apartment through the JRC, filed a lawsuit, charged a penalty – Putin is to blame! Several adults in the crowd, whether local or not, answered in the affirmative – “local”, to the question: “Did you participate in the Russian Spring 2014?”, Answered “yes”, where he could not answer, where he was in 2014 – “I don’t have to respond”! And on the question “Where is Berman’s Gully located in Sevastopol?” – collapsed.

But the fact is that after talking with almost all the few participants in the illegal rally, I realized that their peers had to communicate with the children, as they say, “the same language.” From the perspective of youth, they could conduct a dialogue, but, unfortunately, there were no “volunteers” or representatives of various “youth parliaments and councils”.

There is an urgent need to urgently address issues of youth policy on the basis of constant dialogue with youth. Unfortunately, youth policy in our city is not properly dealt with. Events for “tick” do not count. Competent specialists, caring people with a pronounced civic position should lead the work in this direction. “

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