Oct 14, 2021
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Ways to protect savings from inflation are identified

It is necessary to choose ways to preserve and increase savings, focusing on expectations for the profitability of your capital, said Maxim Biryukov, senior analyst at Alfa Capital, Izvestia writes.

The expert named ways to protect savings from inflation. Buying stocks or bonds, with which many associate a profitable investment in the stock market, the choice of options is not limited to. The expert does not advise beginners to start with investments in securities of individual issuers.

Mutual investment funds (UIF) remain one of the widest instruments, he said. They allow you to get a “diversified exposure” for individual industries or entire markets without the need to delve into the news, company performance. In addition, the analyst recommended diversifying (investing in different assets in order to reduce risks – approx. “”) investments. For example, buying only gold or silver is risky. For a “more or less balanced portfolio”, he advised to purchase securities of “many companies from different sectors and geography of activity.”

“The largest management companies have mutual funds for a wide market of shares, ruble and foreign currency bonds, shares of companies in certain sectors, gold, oil and other areas. The investor can only collect a portfolio from such funds, ”the expert advised.

Earlier in Russia, the forecast for inflation deteriorated sharply. It will rise by 1.6 percentage points – from 5.8 to 7.4 percent.

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