Dec 31, 2020
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Water plus cabbage juice. How to remove toxins from the body after a meal?

How much and what kind of water should you drink to feel better the next morning after a night of libations? Is it worth buying mineral water or is regular tap water suitable? Is cabbage juice better? We deal with specialists.

“To remove alcohol and its decay products from the body, you need to drink 1.5-2 times more than the usual daily volume of water, is talking nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences, chief physician of the medical clinic Marina KopytkoYou can use this formula: multiply each kilogram of body weight by 50 ml of liquid this is an approximate amount of water that must be drunk in a limited period of time in order to remove all toxins. However, it is worth remembering that this will cause a diuretic effect. ”

It is better to drink a glass of clean water first, after cabbage juice: it is high in vitamins and sodium. And then be sure to eat then it becomes easier, the nutritionist advises. Withdrawal syndrome, or alcohol withdrawal syndrome (in folk desire to hangover), water does not interrupt. To avoid aggravating it, you can chew gum or distract yourself with sucking candy.

In general, in case of a hangover, it is good to have a supply of water at home. Regular bottled will do, even better medicinal table or medicinal mineral water. The salts contained in the “mineral water” will help to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and improve the condition after night libations by restoring the salt balance in the body.

“Plain, non-mineral water contains small amounts of trace elements and is excellent for restoring water balance, is talking Vice President for Quality of the Union of Juice, Water and Drinks Producers (Soyuznapitka) Lyudmila Khomich Mineral waters are different. Mineral table water with a relatively low content of trace elements can be consumed in any quantity. It has no special medicinal properties and is used exclusively to maintain the balance of water in the body and stimulate digestion. Medicinal table waters with mineralization from 1 to 10 g / dm33, in addition to the purpose of replenishing water in the body, they are also used for prophylactic or even therapeutic purposes (in case of regular use). Medicinal mineral waters have a high mineralization, in the case of regular use they have a pronounced therapeutic effect. Often they are used according to the indications in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. ”

There is an opinion that the water that is sold in stores is ordinary tap water, only bottled. So there is no point in spending money on it. However, it is not.

“Most of the treated waters in Russia are produced from underground waters of artesian wells, explains quality director of a famous brand of mineral water Alexey Makarushin Manufacturers change their mineral composition in order to achieve the best consumer properties, which untreated fresh groundwater, as a rule, does not possess by itself. Thus, they achieve a better taste, less scale formation, enrichment with useful elements. magnesium, fluorine, iodine ”.

So, due to additional processing, its composition can be more “normalized” than that of the natural one. “In accordance with the technical regulations of the EAEU TR 044/2017, the label of the treated water is usually written:“ Drinking water ”, explains Lyudmila Khomich. The word “processed” is optional. At the same time, on the label of such water, in contrast to all other waters, all the methods of its processing are indicated. ”

Natural drinking water, in contrast to processed water, goes through several stages of filtration, which preserves its natural composition (the content of minerals and biologically active components), and gets into bottles. “For natural waters, treatment methods that change their basic mineral composition cannot be used, with the exception of removing iron, manganese, sulfur, arsenic by oxidation with air or oxygen. For all waters it is not allowed to use chlorine preparations for disinfection “, explains Alexey Makarushin.

So decide what you like best, and don’t forget to drink more water. This will help support the immune system, improve skin color (by eliminating toxins) and normalize the functioning of internal organs.

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