Jan 26, 2021
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Was the boy beaten?

Was the boy beaten?

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS

Military propagandists know: enemy soldiers must be constantly accused of reprisals against prisoners of war and civilians. Women and children are the best victims, and when real atrocities are not enough, they are made up. For example, the subordinates of the doctor Goebbels fabricated calls for Soviet soldiers to rape the Berlin Frau and boasted that they had brought the townsfolk “to a state of extreme horror.”

Now Russians are being driven to a state of extreme horror. Some – with stories about the ferocity of the Kremlin guardsmen, others – with tales of the atrocities of the opponents of the regime hired by Washington. The agitprop of the regime managed to unleash three downhole plots, but problems arose with their heroes. Especially with the driver of a black limousine with flashing lights on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, allegedly owned by the FSB.

It all started cheerfully. “They knocked out an eye, the man was hospitalized,” the former fighter for the European choice of Ukraine against the Russian “Asiatic” Dmitry Kiselyov told RIA Novosti. He was echoed by dozens of media outlets, including Komsomolskaya Pravda, NTV and the Federal News Agency of the authoritative media tycoon Yevgeny Prigozhin, who served 9 years for robbery, theft and involvement of a teenager in crime …

All the raspberries were spoiled by the Investigative Committee. He said that “the protesters blocked a car moving along Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and, having committed hooligan actions, damaged it, and also sprayed tear gas into the driver’s face”. The crime is obvious, but a broken eye and a teardrop into it is a very big difference. I know for sure: the OMON itself was gassed at the “Russian March”.

Not everything is clear with the young man, who climbed onto a lamppost with a poster “Anal – anal”, was thrown and kicked. Who is he and where did he disappear to? It seems that the pro-Kremlin channels should stand in line with the hero, but they, having shown a video with reprisals, completely lost interest in the topic. So which boy was being beaten? “Novaya Gazeta” first published, and then urgently removed, at the request of Roskomnadzor, material about the preparation of provocateurs for the rally. Maybe they did prepare, and they beat their partner on camera?

The third plot is flawless. Participant of the action Nikolay the Ninth really jumped on a car on Nevsky Prospekt, knocked down a policeman who was trying to detain him in the jaw, then hit the second one, ran away, was caught and confessed to everything. The attack on employees during the execution is obvious, but the trouble is – just in the same Petersburg, the guardian of order behaved in the same way, and even called himself Nikolai. When a resident of Luga, Margarita Yudina, asked why the riot police detained one of the demonstrators, Kolya, instead of answering: “I was breaking the order, citizen” and leading the detainee to the paddy wagon, kicked her in the stomach.

Yudina flew headlong into the asphalt, having received a concussion, and the policeman justified herself, declaring: “5 minutes before that, they literally flooded me with gas. The visor fogged up. I didn’t see what was going on. ” This lie is clearly visible in the video: the visor of the helmet is open and the wearer could not see who is hitting.

A case has been initiated against both Kolyanov, but so far only the opposition has been arrested. Behind his namesake there is a mountain of bosses who persistently asked Yudina to understand and forgive. Margarita nevertheless plans to apply to the Investigative Committee. Well, the residents of St. Petersburg remember the story with another law enforcement officer – warrant officer Vadim Boyko. For beating up citizen Semyonov, who reprimanded Boyko for swearing in a public place, the ensign was given 3.5 years probation. For the subsequent drunken shooting in a cafe, he received 3 years again probation. (Just like the oppositionist Alexei Navalny on the affairs of the Kirovles and Yves Rocher companies). Having already resigned from the police, Boyko gave a colleague who was trying to stop his brawl in the face, and is now under house arrest.

Keeping this in mind, some believe that the court will turn out to be just as lenient towards the offender Yudina, and that the Ninth will be given a real term. According to our first criminal code, which Prince Yaroslav the Wise adopted back in 1018, for the murder of the prince’s husband, a fine of 80 hryvnia was supposed, and it was possible to kill a slave in just five.

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