Apr 30, 2021
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Was Navalny completely cleaned up?

In the photo: Chief of Staff of the oppositionist A. Navalny Leonid Volkov

In the photo: Chief of Staff of the oppositionist A. Navalny Leonid Volkov (Photo: Vladimir Smirnov / TASS)

Employee of the Anti-Corruption Foundation * Leonid Volkov announced the dissolution of the headquarters network Alexey Navalnybecause, in his words:

“Maintaining the work of Navalny’s headquarters network in its current form is impossible: it will immediately be brought under the article on extremism and will entail criminal sentences for those who work in the headquarters, who cooperate with them, who help them. No rebranding will help; we cannot even pretend that this is now some other organization <…> Alas, it is impossible to work in such conditions. We are officially disbanding Navalny’s headquarters network. “

What does it mean? Is this the decision of Navalny himself? If not, is it agreed with him?

It is doubtful that they were really afraid of reprisals. Perhaps, following the results of the last rally, they saw that the topic no longer “works”? Then what will they do now?

– I don’t see anything surprising in the decision to close the headquarters of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, – comments on the situation coordinator of the party ** “The Other Russia of E. V. Limonov” Andrey Dmitriev… – The process of recognizing the FBK as an extremist organization has already started and there is no doubt that this will happen in the near future.

We supporters Eduard LimonovAs you know, one of the first in Russia faced anti-extremist legislation, used as a club by the current government against dissent. Now this practice has already been polished and the machine works quickly when a decision is made to use it in the respective offices.

At the moment – while Alexei Navalny is in prison (and I am categorically opposed to make fun of his hunger strike or health problems), we see a clear decline in the movement. And although a lot of people came to the recent actions in support of him, aimless wanderings along the city streets do not and will not lead to any result.

Moreover, the authorities benefit from this created from scratch by two politicians – Putin and Navalny – rivalry, a kind of dichotomy “for this or that.” Because the majority of even protest-minded citizens will not go to such a protest.

Citizens are concerned about the issues of the unfair distribution of property in the country, poverty, the same ecology, and so on. Navalny does not offer their solutions – he fights corruption. Let’s say Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, whose birthday we recently celebrated, was not involved in the fight against tsarist corruption. He studied statistics for a long time, some kind of waste trades in the Nizhny Novgorod province, the needs of peasants and workers, built a party capable of both legal and illegal actions. And then one day he hit a card table with his feet, where the same as now, card cheaters, “aces” of Russian politics with their capitals settled down, turned it over and laid out a plan for building a new world.

In general, without an integral picture of the future and, most importantly, of a party capable of leading the protest masses, any “movement” is doomed. Eternally tossing between the dead end of Putinism (and we can observe the degradation of the system with the naked eye – look at today’s 2.5-year prison sentence for reposting a Rammstein video to the head of Navalny’s headquarters in Arkhangelsk, what is it like?) And the dead end of Navalnism, it seems, is not too much a good choice for Russia and Russian people.

– This is a PR company, – I’m sure Associate Professor of the Financial University Gevorg Mirzayan… “The people behind the“ Navalny’s headquarters ”clearly weigh the pros and cons of the work of these headquarters. They weigh and understand that the PR effect from work will be an order of magnitude less than the PR effect from the closure. Therefore, they decided, apparently, to play the “offended and closed”. It is quite logical. Such decisions are generally not based on emotions.

“SP”: – Why won’t rebranding help? Why can’t we just assemble a new organization?

– Probably because in the event of a coincidence of the command personnel of the Navalnist brigades, the court may consider that it is about the same organization.

“SP”: – Last week navalnists held an urgent rally, which was explained by the proximity of repressions. Have you got your way? Did its outcome influence the decision to dissolve?

– Yes, we did. Their goal is not to force the authorities to do something, but to hold a rally. To identify ourselves for external sponsors, to show that “we are, we exist, we want money, we are ready to destabilize the situation in the country for a jar of jam and a box of cookies.” As for the results, they may have influenced – a relatively small number of participants showed that a loud dissolution would have a baboutthe greatest PR effect.

“SP”: – By the way, did you agree with Alexey? He is for? Or is there already arbitrariness by Volkov and Co.? How independent is this bunch of Navalny?

– There are different versions. However, the question itself is somewhat incorrect. How can the left hand be independent from the right when both are controlled from the same brain? Likewise here – the Navalny project (of which the headquarters are part) is controlled from a single foreign source.

“SP”: – Will the supporters appreciate it? Will they not be considered surrender? Will their ranks not thin out?

– Unlikely. Navalny’s supporters are basically “believers”. This means that they perceive all their steps in the category of faith, not logic. And they are inclined to trust the arguments from the series “the enemies forced us to take a step back, but there we will gather and kaaaak then we will hit”. In general, it is difficult, of course, to force the bulk of them to think critically about the actions of Navalny and his people. But the same problem exists with the supporters of the authorities – there are also many “believers” among them.

“SP”: – What will happen to Navalny’s movement now? Is it possible to say that the project is closed? This is a complete defeat of Navalny and the company – is Navalny himself in the zone, his associates either in exile, or under the supervision and articles of the Criminal Code or the administrative board hanging over them, have the headquarters been disbanded? What will they do? Will they completely shut up and calm down or go deep underground, where will they try to do something from? What?

– No, an idea cannot be killed. Navalny’s case is alive. And it will live as long as external sponsors need it. Wait for the activation of the Navalnists, for example, before the Duma elections. Well, or in other vulnerable points of the transit of power in the country.

“SP”: – Does the West no longer consider the Navalny project as an effective instrument of pressure on Russia? Is it agreed with them?

– They are considering, there are no others. And the step to “dissolve the headquarters” of course has been agreed. As I say, this is a PR action …

“SP”: And Navalny himself? Does he have significant potential to come out and reassemble the movement?

– The question is incorrect. It won’t be out anytime soon. Unless if he is exchanged for our spies – but then he will not return to Russia …

– You have to understand that the Navalnist movement is authoritarian by the most liberal standards, since decisions in it are made by a narrow circle of leadership without the slightest connection with ordinary participants, – I am sure Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Cultural Studies of the Ural State Pedagogical University Andrei Koryakovtsev… – But I don’t think that we are talking about the final self-dissolution. The so-called “Navalnist movement” is a fairly stable subculture, a psychological and ideological successor to the late Soviet “demshiza”. Most likely, we are talking about its organizational reformatting in the new political conditions.

“SP”: – Is this the decision of Navalny himself or Volkov and Co. decided so? Or maybe in the West?

– Nobody knows that. Even Navalny and Volkov themselves. At least if you ask them about it, they will answer that way.

“SP”: – The failure of the last meeting influenced, in your opinion, this decision?

– If we rationally assess the situation, then we can interpret this dissolution as a consequence of the failure of these rallies: the movement is not growing. But I doubt that the leadership and sponsors of the Navalnist movement are rational.

“SP”: – Will Navalny’s supporters take a decision? Will they continue to take to the streets under different banners? Can we say that they represent ready-made material from which other political crooks can blind something?

– Of course, there will be those who will not accept. Many ordinary members of the movement are motivated by their unwillingness to comply with the decisions of Navalny or Volkov, but by their specific vision of the situation in the country. They will stand under any banner to give vent to their protest enthusiasm, not caring about a positive program.

“SP”: – And what exactly will happen to Navalny’s movement? Will they disappear under the existing brand? And Navalny himself? When it comes out, what will you do next?

– It’s hard to say now. One thing is clear that it will be decided by anyone, but not ordinary participants in the movement (as we see, they do not decide anything in it at all).

* Non-profit organization acting as a foreign agent

** Not registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

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