Sep 10, 2022
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Warsaw: “There are few reparations, we want land”


Photo: Zuma/TASS

In Poland, they decided not to limit themselves to demanding reparations from Germany and this time to demand territories already from the Czech Republic. According to the Polish edition Rzeczpospolita, Warsaw claims 368.44 hectares.

“We are talking about compensation for the division of the Polish-Czechoslovak border in the 1950s, which was unfavorable for Poland,” the publication says.

According to the publication, the issue has been discussed since 1992, in 2005 the Czech government even offered financial compensation, but Poland rejected it. The border adjustment took place in 1958, resulting in Czechoslovakia receiving 1205.90 ha and Poland 837.46 ha.

Member of the European Parliament from the Civic Platform party Jan Olbricht He criticized the initiative, considering the moment for this now not suitable.

“The time in which Europe and the world found themselves as a result of the conflict in Ukraine is not suitable for resolving contentious issues with neighbors,” the politician is sure.

Member of the ruling Law and Justice party Yaroslav Kraevskywho initiated the discussion of the border dispute, considers the presentation of claims correct and argues that “there will never be a good time to enforce the requirements.”

As recently as September 1, Warsaw, after another careful calculation, demanded reparations from Berlin for damages in World War II in the amount of about 1.3 trillion dollars. Germany’s demands, of course, were rejected, but the Polish authorities are unlikely to calm down. Warsaw has already promised to send a note to Germany by the end of this year, noting that preparations for this have been going on for 5 years.

“At the moment we are preparing this note, and we certainly will not have to wait long for this step,” said the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Shimon Shinkovsky vel Senk.

Apparently, the next note will follow already in the address of the Czech Republic, and there, you see, zealous Polish politicians, delving into distant history, will prepare claims to other states.

“Poland is trying to occupy the niche occupied by the UK, constantly putting Brussels in front of a lot of unpleasant challenges,” he said. Associate Professor of the Department of Political Theory at MGIMO Kirill Koktysh. – The fact is that attempts to challenge the common borders of countries within the EU are extremely unpleasant for Brussels. In fact, one of the points of the EU is the settlement of border issues before joining the EU.

In this regard, Poland is testing the limits of what is acceptable, based on the fact that it has a special relationship with the United States, or at least everyone thinks that it has one.

“SP”: – To whom else will claims follow?

– All around the circle. Russia has been around for a long time. Everything is clear with Lithuania – supposedly the Polish minority is oppressed there etc.these words have already been spoken and can always be remembered on occasion.

The spectrum is wide all around.

“SP”: – Warsaw continues to dream of Poland from sea to sea?

“We are talking about the phantom pains of the Commonwealth, which once existed and fell apart not only due to external factors, but also due to Polish nationalism. Its structure would be much more solid if it did not divide people into the first, second, third grade, where the first grade, of course, were real Poles, the second – kresovye, and the third – all the rest.

“SP”: – Will the provocative demands of Warsaw inspire claims from other states already against Poland itself?

– If you look at the short experience of the League of Nations, where the genie was released from the bottle, then it will do. It is clear that Poland plans to legitimize its claims to a certain number (up to five) of Western Ukrainian regions. So, quite a large number of lawsuits have already been filed there in terms of property rights. In this regard, it is clear that this is the most tangible goal, but just in case, preparations are being made on all fronts. As soon as one person shows that the rules are not relevant, then everyone else will strive for this example.

“SP”: – It’s no secret that most wars are connected precisely with the redistribution of territories. Will these claims lead to war in Europe? It will not turn out that Poland will press this “button”?

— Quite possibly. Polish recklessness may be enough for this. In this regard, most of the countries of Eastern Europe demonstrate a lack of understanding of the strategy as such. There are objective risks.

German political scientist, Dr. Gregor Spitzen notes that Polish politicians from the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party continue to excite European society with controversial initiatives that call into question the adequacy of the Polish people’s deputies.

In addition to demanding trillions in reparations against Germany, conservative nationalists also want 368.44 hectares from the Czech Republic in the Cieszyn region, a disputed region that Poland had already annexed from the former Czechoslovakia in 1938 in close coordination with Nazi Germany.

It is noteworthy that the fate of the disputed region was already decided in 2005, following the results of 13 years of work of the joint Polish-Czech commission: the Czech Republic then offered Poland to pay financial compensation for the disputed region and close the issue completely, but the Poles proudly refused such an offer. Now, according to PiS, the time has come to finally resolve all the territorial and material disputes between Poland and its neighbors.

From the Germans in addition to the graciously given Stalin to the former German lands in Silesia, Greater Poland, Pomerania and East Prussia, as well as hundreds of billions of euros in subsidies from the EU budget, the Poles would like to receive astronomical reparations following the results of World War II, because Poland, as they believe, made a decisive contribution to the victory over the Reich.

From the Czechs – a territory rich in minerals. From Russia – Krulevets (Kaliningrad) – whose historical belonging to Poland in Warsaw, no one doubts. Well, the fact that Vilna (Vilnius) and Lemberg (Lviv) are Polish cities is known to every Polish schoolchild.

All these populist initiatives, of course, have nothing to do with reality and are aimed at only one goal: spectacular positioning on the verge of shocking in the face of the core of the PiS electoral base – poorly educated citizens living in rural areas, regularly attending churches and dreaming of Greater Poland from the sea to the sea.

In fairness, we note that in adequate Polish politicians and conscious citizens with a relatively high level of education, such initiatives cause only one reaction: burning shame for the people’s representatives, who by some misunderstanding received the mandate of the Seimas deputies.

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