Nov 16, 2021
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“Warsaw is ready to use NATO Article 5: Belarusian KGB is preparing an assault on the Polish border”

Photo: Leonid Scheglov / BelTA / TASS

The Warsaw edition of Polsat News reported to the Poles the sensational news: “The Belarusian special services are preparing for an attempt to force the border of Poland.” The article also says that there is a commotion in the refugee camps and that there are groups of armed employees of the Belarusian special services, possibly the KGB. People are allegedly filmed, which the migrants seem to dislike very much.

However, when asked whether it is possible to admit Polish journalists to the area of ​​the “migration crisis”, who would see the real situation with their own eyes, Ryszard Terletsky, Chairman of the Parliamentary faction of the Law and Justice Party, replied: “I think not. This situation is very difficult and nervous. There, the soldiers are under great stress and tension. One could think about sending one or the other command, but as some enter, others will also want. And, unfortunately, some of our media are behaving very irresponsibly. “

It is not clear what Ryszard Terletsky had in mind when he spoke of “irresponsibility”. However, the president Andrzej Duda This is how a number of Polish newspapers described: “About a part of the opposition, it must be said that this is the fifth column, these are internal enemies.”

Another thing is interesting: Terletsky, like his boss Duda, not letting his journalists go to the border, noted that the Polish authorities and special services are in constant contact with the Belarusian opposition, whose stories were forced to spread by the Polish media for lack of their own.

There is even no doubt that the official Warsaw rightly fears criticism from its EU allies for inhumane treatment of internally displaced persons, which is unimportant in the eyes of even its compatriots. Moreover, the country is in a serious crisis due to a sharp rise in food prices (for some items by 150%) and fuel.

It is not just that in Poland, representatives of the “fifth column” say that the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki together with the ruling party, it is trying to turn the arrows of popular discontent towards Belarus, fanning the migration crisis.

In reality, in Polish territory, behind the rows of barbed wire, which today marks the border, is relatively calm. To make it clear what passions-mugs are whipped up by Warsaw, here are some figures. According to the Warsaw political scientist Stanislav Zharina, columnist for Tygodnik Solidarność, wSieci, wSieci Historii, wPolityce. pl, in total in Belarus there are no more than 12 thousand migrants who want to break into the German “paradise”, and about 4 thousand of them are “on duty” in the area of ​​border crossings.

By and large, this is about nothing against the background of the Turkish migration crisis, in which only recently about a million refugees have been involved, dreaming by hook or by crook to break through to Europe. “Lukashenka’s hostages” are officially opposed by 12 thousand soldiers of the Polish Army, not counting 2 thousand border guards of the Podlaskie Border Guard Department and numerous police officers.

On social media, you can see how the nights go by at the border. From the Polish side, headlights of cars shine everywhere, directed at the barbed wire, behind which unfortunate people sit around rare bonfires.

Meanwhile, the so-called breakthroughs of the Polish border are a kind of “performances”, while the main group of Iraqis, Kurds and Afghans get to Europe quite comfortably – in cars. In short, at the very time when migrants allegedly walk on the barbed wire in front of the defenders of Poland, other refugees are crossing the checkpoints in Bobrovniki and Terespol in minivans.

By the way, even before the migration crisis, passing the border control at the Polish border was a real quest for ordinary travelers with visas. Well, now the cars are standing here for hours. But thieves’ cars with Polish, German and even Ukrainian plates go around endless queues in the opposite lane with the connivance of Polish officers.

Some of the “thieves” are being seized, but it seems that only a little. According to the information provided to the local journalists on November 15 by the press service of the Polish Border Guard, 4 cars with 33 illegal migrants were detained during the day. They were transported by couriers – citizens of Great Britain, Ukraine, Sweden and Germany, according to the Wprost edition.

To make the picture even clearer, let us inform you that in Poland itself, following raids on hotels in the first half of November alone, 4,574 people were detained who illegally entered Poland through checkpoints in Bobrovniki, Terespol and others. In short, the illegal transit of people was and, for sure, is still on a grand scale. Obviously not without the collusion of couriers and border guards.

It is impossible to get to Poland through woodlands, as the Border Guard boasts: web cameras and motion sensors cover all problem areas of the border. Spokesman for the Government of Poland Peter Müller actually confirmed this, proudly stating: “First of all, remember that Poland, due to the fact that it is an external country of the European Union, has its own very well-trained services. We also have both border guards and large detachments of the police and military. In this regard, we are here, we are able to cope with this (crisis) alone, when it comes to issues related to the border. “

There is another curious detail: the migrants who are on duty in the camps on the border with Poland are not on a permanent basis at the border. “Having given their own duty,” they go to Grodno to rest.

This explains the root cause of the migration crisis: word of mouth, for sure, trumpeted about corrupt Polish border guards, as well as about German, Swedish, English and even Ukrainian couriers, who, albeit for money, but without any problems, will send everyone to Germany.

This pleasure, it seems, is not cheap, since the wealthy Kurds, Iraqis and Afghans flew to Minsk on comfortable liners. According to Pekka Haavisto, the head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry, “Belarus is brazenly using the situation and, according to the information we have, about 50 planes a week arrive in the capital of Minsk from Arab countries and Turkey”. In addition, Batka is ready to invite Tajiks, Uzbeks and Kazakhs, the diplomat from Suomi is sure.

Her, Alexander Grigorievich pays for their flight to Minsk just to annoy the pshek. Migrants also love to take a taxi to impromptu border camps. And here Lukashenka spares no rubles? Well, this is downright funny.

Another thing is obvious: illegal immigrants flew to Belarus, having learned from word of mouth about corrupt Polish border guards. In any case, rich migrants are definitely not the kind of people to climb Polish embrasures for the sake of Old Man. The fact that employees of the Belarusian special services appear in the improvised camps is probably due to the need to maintain order.

Meanwhile, on Radio Gdansk Peter Duda, chairman of the Solidarity trade union, made another loud statement: “This is just a war. Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty should be launched today … “

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