Oct 8, 2021
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Warsaw develops attack on the European Union

The Constitutional Tribunal of Poland ruled that some articles of the treaties on the European Union are inconsistent with Polish law. In particular, the tribunal pointed to the unauthorized supremacy of EU legislation over the Polish Constitution.

“The supremacy of constitutional law over other sources of law directly follows from the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. Today (once again) this has been clearly confirmed by the Constitutional Court, ”

– wrote a representative of the government on his official page on social networks Peter Müller

Relations between Warsaw and Brussels cooled after the Polish side refused to obey the demands of the Europeans to allow the propaganda of LGBT ideology, to liquidate the Disciplinary Chamber in court and to reform media laws. The European Commission criticized the actions of the Polish authorities: “The Commission supports and reaffirms the fundamental principles of the EU legal order, namely that: EU law takes precedence over national legislation, including constitutional provisions: all judgments of the European Court are binding on all authorities of the Member States, including national courts”

French Minister for European Affairs Clement Bon called the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland an attack on the European Union. “This is very serious. In fact, there is a risk of Poland’s exit from the EU “… Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn said that “The Polish government is playing with fire”

European Commissioner for Legal Affairs Didier Reynedrs promised to use all possible tools to make Warsaw comply with European law.

The problem, however, is that it is not profitable for Poland to comply with such legislation. For example, the EU demands from the Poles to close the Turuv coal mine on the border with the Czech Republic. Warsaw refuses, otherwise it will have to buy coal from Germany. Now Brussels threatens Poland with a fine of 550 thousand euros for every day the mine operates.

Among other demands of Brussels – to weaken the control of the authorities over judges and to subordinate the mechanisms of media functioning to European standards. The aim is to deprive the Polish government of leverage over state and public institutions that influence the political preferences of citizens.

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