Jun 1, 2022
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Warning symptoms of heart failure

Warning symptoms of heart failure

Thousands of people die each year due to heart disease or a heart attack. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has admitted that about 610,000 people die of a heart attack each year in the US alone, so now you can wonder what the state of the world would be like.

Heart disease can affect men and women at any age if you have a poor lifestyle.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the early warning signs that your heart is not working properly.

1. Chest and arm pain

Unusual pain in the left arm associated with the heart is a major warning sign of a heart attack. Sometimes men feel pain only in the left arm, but women feel the same pain in the elbow and both arms.

2. Cough

A persistent cough can cause heart failure or lung failure. Find an expert opinion as soon as possible.

3. Swelling of the feet, legs and ankles

If your heart is pumping blood properly and working perfectly, it won’t affect any other part of your body. But on the other hand, if you have cardiovascular disease, then the extra fluid present in your body will affect the nerves near your feet and ankles, causing swelling in your feet.

4. Poor appetite and nausea

People suffering from heart disease also experience loss of appetite. They will feel nauseous and less hungry even if they have eaten for a very long time.

5. High level of anxiety

Many studies have proven that people with extreme levels of anxiety suffer early myocardial infarction. Excess stress, workload, poor eating habits, and many other factors can raise your anxiety levels, which affects your heart too.

Increased stress levels can lead to high blood pressure and inconsistent heartbeats, which can make your heart ache.

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